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Long time no blog.
I kicked the MacBook, the precious, precious MacBook off the bed.
My bad.
$500 and a panic attack that I lost all 22,000 photographs later…
I am back to blogging.
Back in Mac.
So here we go…
Let’s just say I was to put the Parisienne Farmhouse on the market and finally go thru with the more bucolic of my two dreams (those being to live on a farm or to live in Paris).
Let’s say you found yourself interested in the Parisienne Farmhouse and while giving the tour I said, 
“The chandeliers are not included in the sale of the home. We will be replacing them with other light fixtures appropriate to the style of the home.”
If you loved my house, would that be a deal breaker for you?
I have been collecting chandeliers for sixteen years and I am not just going to hand them over to someone just because “that’s how it’s done”. And I just don’t want to take them down. See, who knows how long a house takes to sell these days and I just would not want to live that time, however long it may be without my beautiful chandeliers.
I was selling the Parisienne Farmhouse that is.
Your thoughts?