How to Create Perfect Farmhouse Flower Arrangements

There’s no magazine-picture-perfect house with six kids, a hubby and a farm but you can have Perfect Farmhouse Flowers.

Style it up as I may… stay on top of it as I might, there’s always an overripe sock (on a kitchen counter) today’s stack of junk mail (right where I’m trying to blog) or a fort being built out of furniture and blankets by a herd of little ones (in the living room). And that’s OK. That’s my life and I love it.

But I do like things pretty. Really pretty, in fact. And my secret weapon?

Fresh Farmhouse flowers on the table.

Farmhouse Flowers

(This is my new front porch office! Scored this pine harvest table at a barn sale for $25 last weekend!!!!)

Fresh flowers say, “Look, obviously, we live here, you can tell by the Legos under every piece of furniture and the pee on the toilet seat… but see how much I care? I’ve cut some flowers to enjoy.”

I’d have them in every room of the house if I could, but I never seem to grow enough. I love to mix my flowers with herbs, dead, mossy branches… whatever I can get my hands on. And hubby knows two things:

#1 He is allowed to buy me the unassembled bouquets from the grocery store or Costco so I can design them myself. But no flowers from the florist. That’s no fun for me.

#2  NEVER red roses. Gag.

(Two things I hope he recalls this Friday… ahem.)

Farmhouse Flowers Farmhouse Flowers Farmhouse Flowers

Giving flowers is a love language for me.

I love to show up with a bouquet… even if it’s just a handful of rosemary tied with a ribbon. It’s a thing. It makes me feel good. And I hope it makes the receiver feel really good.

Even though I think annuals are an expensive pain in the rear I do love to have them around. Fresh cut flowers brighten any room! My favourite annuals are snapdragons and zinnias but we grow sunflowers, calendula, nasturtiums and more here on Half-Way Farm…la Ferme a Mi-Chemin.

Amazing bouquets of Farmhouse Flowers on the dining table, start in the garden… I’ve got three simple rules for the flowers in my potager:

  1. Cram ’em in. That’s right. Pop two plants in one hole now and again while you’re planting. This bulks up the look of your garden.
  2. Miracle Grow the snot out of ’em. Miracle Grow is just about the ONLY chemical we use around here.  I know, I know… you can make your own,  I just haven’t gone “green” yet when it comes to massive blooms in the garden, I recommend every ten days to two weeks on your annuals.
  3. Trim ’em back. Cut those bouquets girl. The more you cut, the more they grow. And be sure to “deadhead” any old, crispy growth too. This is especially important for flowers like petunias and geraniums.

Farmhouse Flowers Farmhouse Flowers

But what about actually making the bouquet? …You can do it! Get some sharp scissors or a knife and get out there!

  1. You can have so many choices…. all of one kind of flower, a small variety (3 or 4) or a huge assortment for a more wildflower look.
  2. If you decide on one type of flower, I love it when they are all mashed together and cut low in a small vase or container.
  3. Don’t be afraid to get creative when adding “structure” to your arrangements… I love the black core of a Black-Eyed Susan that has lost its petals, purple globe thistle, rose hips, kale leaves, birch branches, berries, twigs,  branches of apple blossoms, sprigs of sturdy evergreen and more.   (I LOVE roses and pine tree branches together at Christmas time!!!!!!)


Farmhouse Flowers

Perfect Farmhouse Flower Arrangements

Don’t forget to use fabulous containers!   Get creative!

Perfect Farmhouse Flower Arrangements

Perfect Farmhouse Flower Arrangements

Perfect Farmhouse Flower Arrangements

I know it’s not a floral… but I’m so lovinv’ this old bucket that I received as baby gift in! Merci Jamie!

Perfect Farmhouse Flower Arrangements

…And these copper measuring cups from Momma for my birthday! Hanging over the edge of my library cart/baking station. ADORE!

Perfect Farmhouse Flower Arrangements

See that little “Made in England” stamp? I’m a SUCKER for stuff stamped Made in France or Made in England!

Perfect Farmhouse Flower Arrangements

Keeping that bouquet looking fabulous is easy to do! I’ve got four tricks for that!

  1. Once your flowers are cut for a bouquet, be sure to trim off any leaves that you don’t want and remove the leaves that will be under the water line.
  2. Use cool water in your vase and change it every day.
  3. Keep your bouquets out of direct sunlight.
  4. And… to keep them nice and fresh store your arrangements in the fridge overnight!


Farmhouse Flowers

I hope your tabletops sport lovely flowers all summer long… and by all means… if you don’t have a garden, go treat yourself and buy yourself a bouquet to make your own Farmhouse Flowers.

You deserve it!

Thank you for reading. Angela Parisienne Farmgirl