A Farm Wedding Part II

Jun 18, 2008 | Full Time Family | 13 comments

(Look, enough with giving me a hard time. Two small children and WEEDS, hello?!!!! Nevermind that most of the people bugging me to get this done have SA-WEET Macs and mine is four years old (and by most I mean Juls)…But nonetheless, here it is.
“A Farm Wedding” (As seen from mostly my lens with special thanks to cousin Ariel, a few photos of Jens, Moms and Uncle Rons cell phone.)
Enjoy. It’s hardly perfect but sets the tone…I’ve got to get back to the garden now!

What can you say about a weekend surrounded with crazy weather that stays away for the 12 hours we needed it to hold back, (A real microburst hit the barnyard the next afternoon!!!) what can you say about a couple as lovely and God fearing as this one, what can you say about white lace and throwing down under a twinkling tent?
Not much – pictures speak thousands of words…



  1. Julee Ann

    Now I’m crying—and it’s only the first minute and 1/2…

    …I’ll be back.

  2. Julee Ann

    Truly, God’s been good to us.

    Girls night out—What fun!

    The getting ready music and the start of the processional music—P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

  3. Julee Ann

    Tribe of Judah shouting, “It sure is hot out here,” made me want to trash my slide show and start all over! Good job!

  4. Julee Ann

    Thank you! Thank you so much!

    That was awesome.

    I love love!

  5. Julee Ann

    And by Tribe Of Judah, I meant Mary Mary.

  6. BEth

    Wow, Ang. You did a great job and it shows what fun you all had. So wonderful to get a glimpse at The Farm. some of those pictures are breathtaking!!!! gives me something to do at 3 am when the insomnia hits!!! ugh

  7. cityfarmer

    Can’t see thru the tears…even with all of the bumps in the road, I think we’re coming out on top…the new Mrs. Owen is a jewel in our family crown and like Grety said…” we need another Godly woman in our life”

    well done A.
    love you

  8. Life in the 'Burbs

    I’m finally here to watch this! What a gorgeous wedding!! And Aidan and Amelie are just as sweet as can be, not to mention their hot mama :o) Loved all the pictures!! Congrats to everyone….

  9. Sherri

    This was beautiful to watch – I felt like part of the family! Everything looked beautiful and I wish them every happiness 🙂
    The children were so precious – Thank you for sharing with a Blog Fan! xo Sherri


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