,The New Farm Countdown - Door County Dreaming

Big breath in. Big breath out.  Let it begin:  The New Farm Countdown!!!

I can’t believe I’m writing this post but I promised myself I would hold off until I was at the “less than a year point”. And here I am.

When we moved here to this little rental farm we did it with a big dream. Like huge. And there was a plan… a method to our madness if you will. I mean, who moves from their perfectly decorated home and fully planted gardens to a crappy, mangy farm? Who leaves clean fingernails and floors for goat manure and more house flies than you can count???

Well, we did… cause we have a dream.

We moved here to “learn to homestead”. For years, before we moved I read every book and website I could get my hands on about the subject. And then we arrived here and it was on-the- job-training time. We’ve spent these last four years making this place as pretty as we could (cause I need that!), learning as much as we could, (butchering, pigs, bees, goats, preserving and more) and saving as much as we could. All with our dream in mind.

Door County.

The New Farm Countdown: Door County

For twenty years Joel and I have been visiting Door County just about every summer. It’s beckoned us since day one. It is truly the Martha’s Vineyard of the Midwest. Fertile dairy land, vineyards and orchards dotted with a handful of little towns, decked out in white buildings, churches with white steeples… and did I mention sailboats?   That’s right. On the west side you have the teal waters of Green Bay and on the East side, you have the Carribean blue waters of Lake Michigan. And you know, Lake Michigan runs thru my veins.

The New Farm Countdown: Door County

Door Country features everything we love. Culture and farmland. Low… LOW crime (people leave their keys on their dashboard), NO CHAIN ANYTHING (I mean, seriously.. No MacDonalds, Walmart, Starbucks, etc. past Sturgeon Bay….) And basically, there is one stoplight.

Yes, people. ONE.

I’ve got goosebumps. Don’t you?

So, even though we had this dream and this plan, it was still pretty far fetched. Let’s be real. A single income family with a herd of children (that eat a TON of food) actually SAVING money for a down payment? Whoever heard of such a thing!??

Enter: doTERRA.

I had been telling Joel for some time that I was looking for a network marketing company again. I sold cosmetics back in the day and I was trying to find something I could really sink my teeth into. You see, I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan and that’s Amway country. I grew up with network marketing and it never held that stigma to me like it does for some people. And for a couple years, I investigated different companies… Cabi, Rodan and Fields, the now-defunct Votre Vu… I even thought about starting up with BeautiControl again. (I sold BeautiControl right out of high school I loved their stuff so much).

But none were ever right. Either their buy-in was too high or their compensation plan left me cold. And then one day I got a Facebook message from my BFF,  I’ve found this company. I know you want some “mom money”, I know you use oils…I think this is right up your alley.

So we talked on the phone. She seemed nervous, but I told her, Tell me everything. Go for it. You can’t scare me off.




I was FLAT broke at the time. Joel had just quit his job we hated at PeaPod to go back to our painting business thanks to the uptick in the economy. I had to sort of convince him to let me give doTERRA a whirl. So I went the super cheap route… I ordered three dinky little bottles of oil and got my wholesale membership. I spent $55.

It makes me laugh just thinking about it. I started this business with fifty-five bucks. But I got my oils.  FELL IN LOVE with them.

I had some major health breakthroughs within a weeks period of time and that was enough for me. I wanted to help everyone. And so I shared with anyone who would listen. That was two years ago. I just chat oils when appropriate, when someone’s complaining of aches and pains or bills that need to be paid. I know I mention them here on the blog now and again but that’s not where my primary business comes from by any means. They are so awesome it’s just pretty natural for me to share them at this point.

And now… here I am. Planning 2017.

The new farm countdown has started! We are looking at the distinct possibility of him retiring to join me in doTERRA before we even move up there next summer! We now allow ourselves to wonder when we will start to pack, how big to plant next year’s garden, will we be around to harvest it… ’cause baby unless the Good Lord tells us otherwise WE ARE MOVING TO DOOR COUNTY! I can’t believe it. I mean, WHO DOES THAT? Who moves to their favourite, domestic vacation destination????

It’s so exciting sometimes I can’t sleep! The dream continues as we need to find JUST the right place. A charming but half-way affordable farm with buildings for our animals and… are you ready for this?

A guest cottage.

The New Farm Countdown: Cave Point

YES! That’s right. I’m going to get my bed and breakfast gun OFF and I am going to have the prettiest, most French provincial guest cottage in the whole peninsula and YOU are going to be able to come and vacation with us!  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

OK – I’ll try to calm down but, COME ON! You know you want to!!!

Again – THANK YOU doTERRA! I’ve always been a big dreamer. Dreaming is how I get it done baby! I dream hard and then implement like hell. But now… now we have finally found a vehicle to make our earthly dreams come true. We have the courage to dream big and we are willing to work hard and now… now… it looks like this is really happening. So many people go thru life without even allowing their minds to stretch that far. They are resigned to the day in and day out grind. It makes me sad.

The New Farm Countdown - Door County

The New Farm Countdown - Door County

So I would say to you – change your life. Dream big.

We live in America for crying out loud! Our options are plenty and don’t you dare believe the lie that they aren’t. Don’t let life box you in. Moving to this little farm was huge for us and moving to our forever farm is going to be even bigger.

Life is hard enough! It throws you curve balls and stormy weather, so you have to fight for what you want.   And for heaven’s sake…. be afraid. Be very afraid. Be afraid of NOT pursuing your life as hard as you can, be afraid of NOT trying, be afraid of stagnicity and apathy.

But don’t be afraid to create and work for the life that you want.

Get it, girl.

Thanks for Reading, Angela Parisienne Farmgirl

Photo credits: Google Search “Door County”