The Midwest is battening down the hatches for a ‘blizzard’.

So often this is much ado about nothing, but perhaps today will be the real thing. On the off chance that the Weather dot com drama is really going to throw down, I got to thinking that my windows could stand a cleaning. It’s not spring cleaning time, of course, but if I have to stare at snow, I’d like to actually be able to SEE it. Darn it.

Time to call Gramma for a refresher on how we would wash windows together when I was a child and what better place to start than with the conservatory?

Those windows take a beating, between the garden hose and its hard water (that my kids insist on spraying all over the house) or my sweet birds and their constant mess. So, the conservatory it was. Soon it will be seed starting time, but I’m already spending just about every evening in this space oil painting. As many of you know, I let go of my beautiful magazine a few months ago. I had said what I wanted to say for the last three years, featuring women and homes that I thought deserved a spotlight. I captured areas of my own home and garden and shared them and touched on interior design concepts, the art of collecting, etc. But it was time to save those creative juices for my own book about our transformation of this home…

So- the magazine has retired (back issues found here) but turns out, I really enjoy inspiring people in their own homes, so I kept the private group aspect of the Old World Design Society. We’re a small group and growing daily and we’d love to have you try us out:) Our focus is being our home’s BEST interior designer. You can try it FREE for a week here. I just got off our Friday morning coffee talk. It’s good. It’s educational. It’s intimate. It’s true.

I’m happy.

…Happy to have more time for “future Ang”. Do you think about your future self? Oie – ‘Future Me’ is on my mind so much. This idea of micro steps each day that impact tomorrow…. As I was saying, I’ve been spending many winter nights painting. Future me wants to be a fabulous painter so that means evenings of trial and error and creativity. After I washed my windows, I sat down with palette and paint amidst glowing candlelight and shimmeringly, CLEAN windows. I’m inviting you to watch.

video preview

I find some much pleasure in creating something peaceful and (hopefully) inspiring. I hope you find that here in this week’s video, (I quite love the final sequence) and I hope, whether you are snowed in, as it looks like we will be, or basking in the sun, I hope you get a few moments to create your own beauty this weekend.

Ciao, ciao.

(As even the French say now)