Answer to Old Centennial’s question in the comment box:
Joni, We picked Macintosh apples and in a couple weeks will pick Empire (they are not ready yet). I froze 11 quarts of applesauce, made a large 10″ apple pie and will hopefully get a gallon or two of apple cider vinegar from the scraps all from the bushel. Hubby drinks it every day and swears by it! Even U-pick is so stinking expensive around here but I hope to do another 2 bushel.
I am thinking about posting a “how to” on applesauce even though it’s already all over the web, I grew up on it and all across the Midwest the girls in my family are putting it up as I type…
…Got a big wedding to shoot tomorrow so maybe next week….

Wellies. So popular in this house and with many names…

Wellie-bops, les bottes….

LeeLee was happy to eat whatever she could get her hands on.

Found a new editing tech for when Momma is looking a little haggard!

Even with my “signature reds” the hair was greasy and I was feelin‘ fat. This new editing button may be a new fav.

The boys.

How can dirty fingernails be cute?

Speaking of cute…you should have seen it on the dancefloor 14 years ago…

The schedule for Big Daddy is non-stop these days.
An answer to prayer which I really need to blog about but oh, the toll on a family when Daddy is not around. The kids and I find ourselves running on fumes by the end of the day without having him walk in the door for dinner. His presence energizes us in a way I don’t think we realized until recently.
He finished a job this morning and knowing how badly I wanted to put a dent in the applesauce he called and said that he was done and we could run out to the orchard if I wanted to before he began the next job. Sans makeup and all our us were still in our jammies we dashed upstairs and got ready for Daddy to pull in the driveway!
What a time we had. Family time. So very precious especially since he would be gone for dinner and bedtime. You have got to carve out family time when the schedule gets filled. I was so proud that Joel did that for us this morning.
After we saw him off for work I did a little over a bushel of applesauce, whew. With “help.”
I need to carve out time for a massage!!!