Fall Garden…November’s Faded Blooms

Nov 2, 2016 | From France to the Farm, Gardening, Potager | 10 comments

Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms

Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms

To everything, there is a season. This is my fall garden.

The season is coming to a close. But my flowers are giving it everything they’ve got for this last little bit until the snow flies. My potager stands lovely in the face of winter. It’s incredible to me how the flowers will keep bringing beauty to the farm though summer is long behind us. My rosemary is blooming like crazy.  The snapdragons are a wiry, colourfulness and the zinnias. God bless the zinnias. Some are over five feet tall. Proud as can be. They aren’t going down without a fight.

Tomorrow the girls and I will gather all the final blooms of calendula and nasturtiums for our flower pepper recipe, we’ll dig the potatoes, grab what seed pods we can and we will till the whole thing under with next year’s garden hanging out in the unknown. Will we move?  When will we move? Will it be worth it to put all that effort in?

I hate not knowing.

Hate it.

But I’m going to try to set all that self-inflicted mental stress aside and focus on other things. Baking, the blog, sewing, the last of the baby weight. That is the ONE good thing about winter. The gardener in me gets a break and I can finally pursue my other interests…

That is until I get the urge to start my seedlings :).

Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms Fall Garden...November's Faded Blooms

P.S. – When the garden winds down, the gardener has time to read. What does she want to read (besides Outlander of course?) THIS is my favorite, text book on gardening. Miss Potter and I are surely kindred spirits when it comes to the love for all things dirt and seeds. No doubt you will enjoy it too.

Thanks for reading. Angela, Parisienne Farmgirl



  1. Season

    So funny that you said Outlander, OMG I am so hooked! I got Season 1 from the library without really knowing what it was after the first show I couldn’t stop. Now I am reading the books and on book 4 because I have become obsessed! I love your blog and have been reading it for years, just don’t comment a lot. I lived in IL for 6 years before moving to ND 3 years ago and I miss it still. I totally know what it is like to not know where your future lies. We have lived in 12 different houses since we got married. I love to garden but not knowing if you were still gonna be at that house next year got old. I have learned to just plan on staying there forever and planting whatever you want because that way if you do stay then you will have what you want. Good luck to you and your family.

  2. Dani

    Angela, your garden looks even in autumn gorgeous. And this piano is pure magic.
    So do I love autumn in our garden. Everything looks so happy and bright with the colorful fallen leaves and the flowers like nasturtium, mums, roses, stonecrops and anemones, everything still blooming.
    For sure it is a dilemma what to do with the garden, if you don`t know when you are leaving. But I also would do a minimum to have a nice garden in any case and dig out what is possible in spring for the new garden. And if you stay a little later than spring just seed annuals.
    We also moved everything that we planted like buxus, ferns, roses and even quite a tall fig tree in our new garden. Do you know “root grow”? It works like magic. It is especially for roses, but you can use it for everything and it is worth every penny and it`s very popular even with organic gardeners here. We planted a big european plane in a suboptimal place and time (hot summer time) and used root grow. It striked roots so fast.
    I put the Beatrix Potter Book and also outlander on my wish list;-)
    xoxo from Switzerland

  3. Deborah

    What is your flower pepper recipe? Sorry if I missed that in another blog entry.

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      Hi. If you search flower pepper recipe in the search box on the side bar you should find it (I think I blogged it once at least. If not, it is in the cookbook if you have a copy of that). Enjoy!

  4. Becca

    I’m so thrilled to read this today. I hope to find more info on “root grow” as I purchased some deeply clearanced and pitiful looking roses this past weekend. It rarely freezes her, so I’m going to baby them.

    Which lavender do you plant for using in your macaron recipe? There are so many varieties. I’m fearful of choosing the wrong one. Or, are they all edible?

    Lovely autumn garden pics. I enjoy your updates and find inspiration in each of them.

    Continued blessings!

  5. Fiona's Mosaic

    Beatrix Potter and I are SUCH kindred spirits. have you SEEN the movie Miss Potter. It’s my FAVE! Anytime I need some inspiration that is the movie I put on. The artistic side of her, her love of the land, her love of animals it is SO me. But I know what you mean as far as not knowing where you are going to be. Unfortunately we are losing our farm. Not because of finances, or because we were unwise, but because of our daughter’s cancer fight, and the actions of an unethical person. But I know God has this, and if I have to be a suburban girl for a while, I can do whatever I need to for my family and my girl. God bless Angela!! Can’t wait to see where you end up. “He has set my boundaries in pleasant places…..” That’s for you babe!

  6. Becca

    Wonderful, Dani. I hope I can find this here in TX. Thanks for sharing.
    I will be praying for you and your family, Fiona.
    Blessings to you all!

  7. Becca

    Deborah, you will love Angela’s cookbook! If you don’t have a copy, I highly recommend it. Lovely pics and wonderful inspiration alongside yummy recipes. Worth every cent!

  8. Doré @Burlap Luxe

    Love the sound of those piano keys playing a gardening tune in your garden.
    As for the beauty here, perhaps a move or not, what ever comes about you will drag along the beauty to your next homes journey, or just stay put awhile longer because we here in blog land are still not tired yet of all you inspire here.
    The seedlings look divine, as for being a grower it fits you well. Beautiful foto’s here, and do we see another book from you, perhaps a farming book made simple for every farmer in us even if we live urban style. Perhaps a packet of seeds would be included in the and attached to the baxk cover, a pure and good reminder to grow something that’s good for the soul.

    Have to say your live IG video of your children dressed for treats was adorable.

    See you soon.

    Kissing the ground under your feet.



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