Good morning!

It’s brisk out there this morning! Last night, during my daughter’s soccer game, the clouds began to roll in, it tried to rain, and it began to cool off. I think our 70-degree days are over! The lake still looks incredible. In the fall, it turns from Carribean green to this incredible deep sapphire, and while the bays may be empty of all the towering sailboats, the sunsets are no less incredible.

I got my workout walk in late two days ago, but I was glad I did, as this stunner greeted me by the time I got to the shoreline…no filter, baby. That’s just pure Door County fabulous! (The wolves and I ended up walking home in the dark:)

Today is manicure day for me and French Farmhouse Fall Tour Day for you! Join me on Youtube at 9am Central if you’d like to visit during the Premiere showing otherwise – no worries, it’s there for you whenever you’re ready to enjoy. I’ve made a few changes here and there to give the house a cozy fall vibe (even though I feel like we’ll be missing most of this gorgeous season while in Paris), and I’ve done my best to film around the bombadering house flies.

Is bombadering a word? Spellcheck is trying to convince me to say “bombarding” when that’s not what I mean. Every little kid says bombadering at some point or another, and I guess that childishness just never went away.

I digress.

I’d love to see you over on YouTube. Click here to watch and be sure to subscribe on Youtube if you never have, thumbs up, share if you like it, and all that jazz…(that really helps us grow). I’ve brought out the brown and white transferware, some faux pumpkins (so they don’t rot whilst I’m gone), and finally got one of those battery-operated lightbulbs some of you in the OW Design Society told me about for my turquoise living room – game changer.

Next week Friday at 9 am I’ll be in line for the Louvre with my family. I can’t WAIT to share Paris with all of them. My husband and I haven’t been in 20 years together, and just two of my six children have been. I feel terribly honored and privileged to fulfill this dream and covet your prayers for our safety and harmony during the entire experience. Merci in advance.

Goodness, I love that photo. I can’t wait to stand there and take in her beauty again. (That reminds me, if you’re on my Paris group text, don’t forget to give it a double check – I’ve posted the video of our last planning call so you can review any final details!) And of course, if YOU’D like to come to Paris with me next year, I have a few spots for April and one for October. Last night, on our Old World Design call, I announced that for 2025 we will be making one of the weeks a “high-end” trip for those of you who are interested in renting container space and bringing home large antiques and furniture for your homes. We’ll talk about that in the future, just want to get your wheels spinning… And don’t forget, if you’d like me to personal shop for you at the flea markets next week, you need to email me this weekend so we can firm all that up.

But back to the present – Plaids, browns, textures (like my groovy twig ducks), and more – it’s time to dress our homes in autumn. This makes for an easy transition into dressing them for the Holidays, and that’s all well and good, but I’m happy with today, aren’t you? With all its challenges, we’re here, we’re alive, God is so good, and the ‘Seasons of Mist and mellow fruitfulness are here’.

I’m glad you are too.

Stay cozy with the new scarves in the shop, and I’ll see you very soon.

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