Morning ladies~
How about a little Madonna throwback?

My master Ray Vogue trained seamstress friend stopped by last night to help me with my sewing problem… would you believe it was that I was just plowing thru the directions and paid no head to the teeny, tiny, “View A” and “View B” as I went along??? 
With another weekend of dinner parties and events I just felt like encouraging any of you that had vowed to yourself not to pack on seven extra pounds this Christmas season.  ‘Tis not the season to pork out and then make some lame New Years Resolution!~
I am still pretty startled at how slow the baby weight is coming off this time around… Hubby keeps trying to encourage me that it IS baby number four and that this time around I am another two years older than the last time.  ‘About thirteen more gone since my last post (34 total so far)… fifteen to twenty to go to look “normal”… Twenty-eight to go to look fab!
It’s not all vanity you know – it’s about being frugal too.  Sure it would be easy to stay this size but it would not be wise!  It’s my closet that motivates me.  Even though I “hate”  my clothes… they aren’t exactly super trendy… I still like them enough to know I would never go buy new clothes to accommodate me right now.
Thought I might tempt you… see those earrings in the box… they are actually part of my New Years Give Away! but no… that’s not the New Years Day announcement!!!

I suppose I could have neatened it up a bit for the camera!
Slowly but surely I have been able to add a piece here and a piece there to the maternity clothes/larger sizes I still sorta have to wear (which are as equally ill-fitting as my “thin clothes”).  Slowly but surely I am sprinting up the stairs like my old self, slowly but surely my knees aren’t as easily aggravated.  No, no… it’s not all vanity…As a Mom of four it’s important for me to be in “ship, shape shape*” to keep up with Hoolie and the Hooligans!
So, not sure why I am doing this post, except to encourage you girls and myself to stay healthy!  Endless days of hor d’oeuvres and champagne are not excuse for us to pork out!  
Health, fugality and a little vanity are the perfect combination.
 Clothing is a form of self expression no matter what your style!
How do YOU Express Yourself!

PS –
“Ten bucks” if you know what movie “ship, shape, shape” is from.
No fair googling.

Get ready!