Warning – this may be offensive or stomach turning.

I would like to begin with a “disclaimer” of sorts – I do have family members and friends that admire this man so I am not calling anyone “stupid” for being entranced by his charms and smooth words but I do want to take this opportunity to point one or two things out that you are not going to hear on Oprah, The View or from Katie Couric.

I will be expounding on Barack Hussain Obamba as he progresses towards the Presidency. Lest we get caught in the snare of the main stream media and who they choose to idolize…

Today Barack Hussain Obama announced an “exploratory committee” in his quest towards the White House. (I find it rather interesting that this charismatic “middle of the road” “leader” chooses to leave the “Hussain” part of his name out, as does the media…)


It is possible for someone to have a loving wife and family, a beautiful smile and to stand for some things that sound really “good” at first and have an underlying current of ROTTEN -NESS!… and I am challenging my Christian readers who are charmed by this man to consider the following information:

I understand he is a voice for Darfur, I understand he has a loving wife and beautiful children, I understand that he is NOT Hillary but, I need you, those of you who follow Christ to look at this mans voting record. His books are well written and engaging – his voting records should cause your sleep to be disturbed.

The thing I want to highlight in this blog is this: Barack Hussain Obama supportes abortion on demand – this includes partial birth abortion. Joel would prefere that I not refer this “procedure” (it is so vile) but I feel the need to because so many are blinded as to what is really going on in our country.

Partial Birth Abortion can take place (and does) up until the ninth month of pregnancy. The labor is induced and the baby is delivered and in most cases the baby dies during delivery but should the baby survive, once the head appears an instrument is stabbed into the back of their neck and the skull is crushed. Yes, that is happening today in this country. So much for debating over embryos.

Here is the thing. The “hero” Barack Obama has no problem with this procedure and he voted one further – should a baby SURVIVE the abortion he voted AGAINST providing medical help to this struggling PERSON. (This was a major story that you most likely never heard here in Chicago, a few years ago at Christ Hospital (of all names) babies were dying in the soiled linen closet. Click here for the story.)

So, for what is it worth and I know this is a brief blog but I am SO SICK of hearing about his guy. I don’t care how much Oprah loves him or what he is doing for Africa – As I have said before, plenty other organizations are committed to serving countries like Africa (World Vision) and our Lord at the same time but this ALONE should be cause for the Christian to cry out for the Lord to deal with this man in His own divine way and cause for us to cry out for discernment in this sick, perverted world that the devil wants us to believe can be wonderful.

Brief food for thought.