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Experiments in Photography

OK – The Proverbs 31 woman had her money maker on the side…now that I am not able go to work with Joel (we took 1 to work with us but I can not imagine taking 2 to work with us!) I have GOT to figure out a way to make some money to help out around here! Blue Cross Blue Shield seems hell-bent on making sure we can’t afford a life… (I do run the “business” part of our business but that is not the same as depositing a check with your name on it.)
I really would like to take photos of pregnant women, children and families. Nothing stuffy, just amature and fun. I was wondering around the house the other day – camera in hand…very inspired by Homemakerang’s daughters photos found on her blog lately…thought you may enjoy…just playing around with close up’s…

3 thoughts on “Experiments in Photography”

  1. i just paid $2032.17 in med bills today!!!!!!! and we have “great insurance”… whatever that means…

    The Gentle Giant calls it “Blue Cross and NO Shield” 🙂

    On the business side, you can do anything! You are way creative!

    You could put baby girl in an over the shoulder baby holder 🙂 that would be all the exercise you would need!

  2. Wow!

    Just glancing over these pictures I can see your fine appreciation of such beautiful details in life and things that most pass on by in their hurry of daily life!


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