style="text-align: center;">Ok, this is too funny.
As someone who loves to dance this made me cry with laughter.
  When I was a child I would dance to the Peter Pan soundtrack, at nine years old we danced like MANIACS to Hooked on Classics, in Junior High in was Pom Pon routines to Salt -n- Peppa and the like, High School was 80% African American and there were a handful of us white girls who could hold our own on the dance floor…ya know, little dance routines to L.L. Cool J and MC Hammer.  Two years later I morphed into a full blown Country Line Dancer, then a Two Stepper…a few years after that it was Salsa lessons and then a couple years ago Tango (Oh, how I love and miss Tango…sigh.)
 I’ve experienced an evolution of dance myself and have shook my money maker to every song in this hilarious video (which by the way reminds me of one of our family weddings…if you have never been to party hosted by my extended family…you are MISSING OUT!)
I don’t want to take away from my Macaron happiness but…when was the last time YOU DANCED???