Woohoo, baby, we are in full fixer upper mode around here! That is, in between the meals and the homeschooling and the oiling and the recipe testing…

This vision for the kitchen is coming together and I have to stop myself from saying, “Slowly, but surely.” as we moved in just eight and a half weeks ago.

Slow is OK. In fact, slow is good for us right now.

Life goes on, even when a dream like this comes true and life is whirling around me. Yes, life is whirling but I’m arrested in this space of God working to grow us as a family and darn it, sometimes that’s not fun.

I always joke, “Eight sinners under one roof” and I suppose, if you’re not a Christian that sounds pretty silly but oh man, there are eight sinners under one roof and with this full-time-family-lifestyle, there really isn’t a place to hide your ugly. Or, in my case, your crazy. It gets exposed multiple times a day, mostly in reactions.

It’s very sad.

Why is it so hard to be consistently kind? Why can’t we friggen “arrive” and move on from rancid habits and self-worship?

That’s where I am this last week. Questioning the struggle. The struggle IS real and the struggle WILL bring forth fruit.

In the midst of the fun and creativity, I’m catching glimpses of what God is trying to do in each of our hearts. Tiny, tiny glimpses mind you. But it’s pretty obvious there is business being taken care of. Creating kind habits, gentle tones, Godly responses to situations requires a crapload of “I’m sorry”s.

Blah – let’s be real. The fun of the remodel has been a mental respite for the character development in myself and my kids. Removing wallpaper and figuring out how to get new stoves thru little doorways is EASY compared to trying to raise and become decent, Godly people.

I’m grateful for the distraction.

Grateful for the opportunity to be creative but mostly I’m grateful to be in this house with all these people doing life for this precious time we’ve been given.

Here’s a little update on the progress…


Thank you for reading! À bientôt! Angela