Do you have a room in your house that when you’re not to busy thinking about politics, what’s for dinner or your bank account that you would like to simply burn to the ground and start over???  

I’ve got a few rooms like that but sadly it’s hard to shake thoughts of the bank account especially when I get a little decorating bug. Decorating is not near as fun these days when I can’t even go hit my favorite thrift shops– so my one and only choice is to raid the stack of paint cans in my garage hoping they are not frozen solid and to steal items from a room that hopefully won’t miss them very much.

I found a can of red paint and then ran upstairs to my catch-all, hasn’t-been-professionally– painted-yet guest bedroom. This is the room where I “stored” all my red stuff. My old townhouse was red, red, red as I was over the top and had decorated the living room based on the movie Amélie and Moulin Rouge. That was fine for a townhouse but a little sophomoric for an old farmhouse, never mind that I am not 25 anymore.
My house is mostly blues these days. French blue, Robin’s Egg, Teal, Boudoir, etc. But I had been missing my red so I decided to go back the Moulin Rouge in my little powder room. I figured it’s cut off from the rest of the house and so I decided to let go of my “everything needs to flow” obsession and just have a little fun.  What’s more fun than kicking up your heals and letting your petticoats show???
I attacked the trim with bright red, knocked it down with a little stain…I noticed some paint had dripped on the horrible shiny peach tile and I thought, “what the heck” and began to paint the floor!!!
I dug out my old shower curtain that I had sewn myself, cut it up and hot glued it to the sink.
Then I raided the horrible red guest bedroom for some goodies and stole a few other items from around the house, I dug out all my old France maps, ticket stubs and tore pages from a 1950’s French textbook and wallpapered them to the ceiling, I got out my old “Moulin Rouge” movie poster from the closet at the end of the hall, hung a chandelier, displayed a few Moulin Rouge brochures from the 60’s and some torn pages from old french books…et voila!!!
My sister says every time she pees she wants to stand up and do the Can – Can! I asked her to at least finish peeing. It probably helps inspire her that I hung one of my crinolines from the window as a “curtain.” I don’t know what I’ll do the next time I want to wear it?
So, I’ve got a “new” powder room. It’s not my dream style (swedish country), it’s not really even in that good of taste (being that the Moulin Rouge is of course a cabaret!) But it cost me $8 for a second can of paint and it sure is fun. My guest bedroom is naked but my prayer is that it’s a nursery later this year anyways!
Everybody Can! Can!

On a little note:  It’s the details around my house that I for the most part do for my own pleasure.  An example is that photo of the wire Eiffel Tower vase way up at the top of this post, it’s filled with stones from under the Eiffel Tower, whenever I would  walk under it I would squat down and scoop some up and tuck them in my pocket.  How fun to remember my trips to Paris every time I see that little vase full of pebbles.