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The Event of the Season!!!

It’s coming Ladies!
The infamous Anne Marie and I are having the farm sale of the century!
It’s Nada Farm meets Parisienne Farmhouse TM !!!

Antiques, Vintage, Accessories and Anne’s Lovely Linen clothing…Marie Antoinette custom art, handmade items and an on site Patisserie like you have NEVER seen!
If I were you and lived anywhere within two hundred miles of Chicagoland I’d be loading a mini van with my girlfriends and renting a hotel room!
Please email me if you think you would like to attend

8 thoughts on “The Event of the Season!!!”

  1. Oh my heavens, this looks like a grand event. I wish I could attend. My girlfriend lives in Wisconsin, so this would have been a wonderful event to attend.

    I hope you take plenty of pictures to share.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oh sigh, if I lived even one state near chicagoland I’d rent the van. I know it will be wonderful. Please do take some photos so we can all enjoy with our eyes, at least. ps. gorgeous family photo on the left, what a beautiful family you are. xoxo

  3. Now this sounds like fun! Seems you and Anne Marie are always cooking up something fun…both literally and figuratively!

    Oh how I wish I didn’t live so far away…or wouldn’t be 6 months pregnant at the time (okay, I’ll be really excited to be 6 months pregnant!) or I’d jump in the minivan with the girlfriends and make the trek across the plains!

    I’ve been remiss in visiting (I fare similarly to you those first 4-5 months pregnant!) and meant to come by sooner and thank you for your kind comments.

    BTW…if you EVER do something crazy like visit different NASCAR race track locations, we have a beautiful one here in KC…the KANSAS SPEEDWAY. Fire Hubby works part-time as part of the fire rescue squad at the track and I would love to someday meet you in person…a girl after my own heart!

    Take care…I bet those three cute chickens of yours keep you on your toes!

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