style="text-align: center;">Well, it bit me.
Yes, what you see is true. I have sold out and gone the way of Etsy (not that that is a bad thing) but how many times have you wondered, “Hey, I wonder if I could do that?” The above photo is a link and I suppose I will leave it there for a few days or so…
I am not a crafter or anything really creative like that, or lets just say, I am creative but I don’t “make stuff” per se, however, I have been wanting to tinker with soap making, I have given some as gifts and the feedback has been very kind and my sister-in-law was pretty adiment with me that I could sell some of my photography which I still can’t believe. I mean, taking pictures of people is one thing, it appeals to their sense of vanity…“Oh look how good she made me look” or “Oh, look how she captured the spirit of my child”that I understand but S-I-L was firm that people would pay for my “other photography” I still don’t believe it…but here goes nothing. The shop is open.
After le Troisieme is born I plan to add more goodies to the inventory, I have been working on some darling recipe cards, if it’s OK to sell perennial seeds on Etsy I am going to cause I have them in droves from my garden, I hope to expand the soap making skills and who knows what else.
I know Esty accounts are a dime a dozen and there are some SERIOUSLY talented people out there selling (ahem, A-la-Parisienne and my convincing Sister-in-law) but, what the heck. I’m giving in a whirl.
Decorating the house for Christmas during the day and stocking the virtual shelves by night. Counting down each moment til that first twinge of labor – 47 more days to be exact. BRING IT!
I pray you all are having a lovely week.