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Somehow, someway we find someone that we decide to love, we make a commitment and God then blesses that commitment with a new life. A newborn of our own or even an adopted 18 month old is placed in our arms and God says, “Here is your chance.”

The expression, “I turned out OK” is ridiculous.

We all have heartaches and pains that could have been avoided had our parents (as great as they may be) been more intentional. And now today we, as parents have to be more loving, more vigilant and more intentional than our parents ever had to be.

Children are not cut out to survive this culture on their own. The culture is demonic and it attempts glamorize while it kills and destroys and it is our responsibility to protect our kids from it!!! We are to “train them in the way they should go” – not expose them to even small doses of the American toxic culture and hope they can handle it.

A little Brittany goes a long way.

An hour on MySpace can expose a teen to more crap than a child should ever read or divulge of his or herself.

We will be held accountable. For some of us it will be someday when we are face to face with the Father..for others it will be sooner than they ever imagined as arrangements are made and blame flies through the air like a pestilence from the pits of hell.

My family is reeling and my thoughts are so many that they are few. Lost in a blur. But I simply wanted to remind you that you have been entrusted – with your own life and with that of your children’s.


  1. HomemakerAng

    I am so sorry for your tragic loss. I don’t know any of the details but I was glad my 13 year old daughter read your blog today and see that bad dec. can lead to tradgedy… She was a beautiful girl…

  2. Parisienne Farmgirl

    This beautiful girl is a cousin through my mom’s second marriage. Though I barely knew her it is horrible watching my Mom, her husband and my younger sister make their way through this – let alone the stories coming in of her parent’s misery.
    She found a “how to” on “MySpace” and sadly took her own life on Tuesday.

  3. Faith

    Wow, that is unbelievably horrible. I am so sorry.

  4. HomemakerAng

    i am sorry. shocked and horrified for all of you… I cannot imagine her mother and family. I am just sorry, it sounds so fake to say it, i do really mean in…

    yes, its all demonic, all of it!

  5. LauraS

    My sympathies are with you at this sad time.

  6. paris parfait

    What a terrible tragedy. I’m so sorry to hear this! And you’re absolutely right about taking responsibility and trying to avoid exposure to so much toxicity to which our children/teens are exposed.

  7. Julee Ann

    Blogging as we go tonight during CMA’s! Come on along.


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