5:53 a.m.

I fumbled for my registration card under a Junior magnet on the fridge, pulled on a cap of the same (#88) and walked out into the magical morning darkness.  A three minute safe walk through the park to the voting booth.  No threat of death or harm.  The right to vote.
Last night I had the privilege to make calls to “undecideds.”  Pretty funny.
Ever the drama queen I truly believe that life as we know it is on the line.  From the freedom of speech to the right to drive whatever car you choose.  Middle class life and the right to make a better way of life for our families.  And the babies, God save the babies…
I walked out moments later, after voting with a Sharpie, which I thought was kind of odd and rather archaic but it was done.  Between this blog, my outspoken Halloween costumes, phone calls…I did what I could and now we wait.  With a free Starbucks in hand this morning and a glass of Pinot tonight.  Scratch that, my hands will be folded in prayer.
(Don’t forget!  Free “Tall” coffee from Starbucks today if you vote!)