Yes, I worked for it, it’s the majority of my professional resumé .  And yes, I am addicted to talk radio.  
No, I am not talking Sean Hanity or Rush Windbag.  I am talking LAURA INGRAHAM!
Yes, she is the one that I met last October, yes, she is the one that I listen to while cleaning the kitchen, working out, etc.
No, I do not agree with EVERYTHING she says, but I swear, give her a few days and you will feel like a frickin political and economic WIZARD!  
She is SO FUNNY and SO INFORMATIVE!!!!  You will be TOTALLY addicted.
Click here, spend $6 a month and listen whenever you want, commercial free.  I DARE YOU!!!  If you want to understand this crazy Wall Street stuff then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND listening to the last three days of broadcasts!!!!
And of course you will get a good laugh at Joe Biden’s verbal flubs too.