Economics, Sanity and Perspective 101 – Your Healthy Radio Addiction!

Sep 19, 2008 | Pop Culture/Politics | 4 comments


Yes, I worked for it, it’s the majority of my professional resumé .  And yes, I am addicted to talk radio.  
No, I am not talking Sean Hanity or Rush Windbag.  I am talking LAURA INGRAHAM!
Yes, she is the one that I met last October, yes, she is the one that I listen to while cleaning the kitchen, working out, etc.
No, I do not agree with EVERYTHING she says, but I swear, give her a few days and you will feel like a frickin political and economic WIZARD!  
She is SO FUNNY and SO INFORMATIVE!!!!  You will be TOTALLY addicted.
Click here, spend $6 a month and listen whenever you want, commercial free.  I DARE YOU!!!  If you want to understand this crazy Wall Street stuff then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND listening to the last three days of broadcasts!!!!
And of course you will get a good laugh at Joe Biden’s verbal flubs too.


  1. Victoria

    I’m the first to follow your blog! Here’s a clip I thought you’d like, then I second-guessed it, then decided to send it anyway:

    Warning: she does say “oh my —” a few times. Otherwise I thought it was amusing.

    love you

  2. Life in the 'Burbs

    hahahaha…laughing at your comment on my blog!! I don’t have anything to say, so the old post remains until I have something to write about. I do need to try to listen to Laura though. And my weight watchers is going terrible. so there you have it….

  3. Joannah

    I like her, too, but the sound of her voice gets on my nerves after a while. She just changed stations out here, and your post made me jump over and find out where she is on my AM dial now. I will have to program the new station and listen in whilst I drive to work.


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