style="text-align: center;">Don’t work out today. You have my permission, because we’re breaking down this phrase today:
Eat like a Parisienne.
We’ve already covered a handful of things that make the Parisienne’s diet unique but
 let’s unpack this a little more. We can work out after.
If you’ve missed it,
You will want to start at the beginning of this series with 
We know they are little…
We know (a lot) of them smoke…
Commenters pointed out their petite, square bone structure…
But what do they eat and how do they eat it?
First (and again, this is all about stereotypes) let’s talk about whey they don’t eat…
And why we shouldn’t either…
Girls, pop is nasty business.
You’ve got to nix high fructose corn syrup from your diet. There is nothing good about it. It’s made from GMO corn, sprayed with ROUND UP and high fructose corn syrup will make you FAT! If you don’t believe me – check out this study. You CAN live a life without pop and don’t fool yourself into thinking diet pop is better. Ick. But, I LOVE Diet Coke from the tap with a lemon so I treat myself to one, twice year.
Say it with me now – Pelligrino is your friend.
Don’t eat and drink on the go.
Aside from the crêpe stand, eating and drinking while walking or driving just doens’t seem to be done in Paris. I did visit a Starbucks once next to a Holiday Inn though… Think about what you are eating when you are in your car… have you ever driven thru and ordered a wedge of cheese and a small salad? No – it would end up in your lap (and don’t tell me about the cheese plate at Starbucks. Who could afford that every other day!)
Fast food is CRAP FOOD. 
 Have you ever dug a french fry out from under a car seat a year later? It looked as fresh as the day it was fried didn’t it? Normal food decomposes – fast food decomposes YOU…after it makes you fat. 
Boxed food.
Ok, I don’t know if this is 100% accurate but from what I have seen, the French diet is about WHOLE FOODS (a philosophy I have tried to follow in this house for the last 12 years). Think about all the boxed foods at the store today – Hamburger Helper, Velvetta Mac and Cheese, casseroles in a box, even cereal with dried, funky, strawberries in it… not to mention those new cereal bars with “milk” – it looks like frosting – how can it be milk? And yes, Lean Cuisine counts as boxed food. Stand there and watch the people buying food out of that cooler… most of them are… you guessed it… f-a-t.
This coming from someone who could eat her weight in Home Run Inn Pizza.
Step away from the fake food.
I could go on and on about what lines the shelves of the 
American supermarket but let’s go back to that whole foods concept –
I have found that aside from growing my garden and hitting the farmers markets in the summer, if I focus the majority of my shopping on the exterior aisles of the supermarket I do OK… that is where the produce, meat and dairy are – your main ingredients in creating a yummy French-inspired meal.
Now let’s take a few foods that mystify us Americans…
(How can Parisienne’s eat that kind of food and stay so thin?)
The Sandwich

Look at an American sub sandwich for example…
How many frickin’ meatballs can we cram in between two pieces of bread? And then try to work out after?
Or how many types of meat can we stack before the sandwich will topple over?
How many toothpicks does it take to hold them together?
Now consider a french sandwich –
Perhaps from the Café Bonaparte…
… across the street from the Église de Saint Germain (and steps from Dior and Louis Vuitton too!). Order a sandwich there and you will be brought a proper sized faire… spread with delicious butter, a slice or two of ham and a slice or two of cheese. Manageable to hold and enough to fill any stomach.
FYI – I believe your stomach is about the size of your fist…that’s why it HURTS when you eat too much!

Yes, they eat pasta. But no unlimited pasta like our Olive Garden.
Here we look at pasta like some sort of Olympian event – how much can we eat?
How many platefuls until we have to unbutton our pants?
Or better yet – let’s wear our sweatpants out for dinner!
Yes, there are benefits to a gluten free lifestyle but that’s not what this post is about so the next time you have pasta, try it like a Parisienne. DON’T COOK THE ENITRE FRICKIN’ BOX! Serve yourself a cup of it, next to your favorite veggie and a glass of wine and you’ll have nothing to beat yourself up about.

Oh Lordy, French cheese. 
 How I love it.
The nastier is smells, the better is tastes.
So go ahead, buy a couple wedges this weekend when you shop. If you are new to cheese just start with a nice, double creme brie and have a small piece or two after your meal with some apple slices.
You’ll feel super chic. I swear.
I bought a Cambozola for the weekend and I can hardly contain myself!
Yeah, yeah, – it’s German, I know!

Is not the devil.
Now, CANDY? That is another story – full of junk. Full of it.
But goodness, a couple pieces of chocolate when the mood suits you is not going to make you fat!!!
Don’t be such a martyr!
Chances are there is already a saint with your name!
A Culvers chocolate milkshake twice a week might do the trick and by the end of summer you’ll be ready for big-butt-sweatpant-weather. But for goodness sake, do as your Parisienne sisters and go get yourself some good chocolate.
This post could get really long – 
Here’s the thing.
We eat too damn much.
And we eat WAY to many chemicals calling them “food”.

Let’s continue this in a day or two…
I’m getting a bit long winded and way too bossy…
(I am a first born, you know)

Bonne Weekend