Easy Deodorant Recipe

How about an Easy Deodorant Recipe?

So, I am an Amazon.  (Yes, I’m an Amazon Affiliate and when you shop Amazon by heading there way THRU my blog it supports the time invested into Parisienne Farmgirl).


That’s not what I mean.  Just a great excuse for a shameless, grocery-money making plug.

I’m an Amazon.   I mean it in the Shakespearean sense of the word.

Though I’m not tall.  In fact.  I consider myself rather short at 5′ 4″.

Amazonian in that… I can get my sweat on.  I mean, me and a white t-shirt?  Yeah, that relationship would last about two weeks and then we parted ways.

Until I learned this trick from my sister.

Are you ready for it?

Or do you want me to shame you with horror stories of how much crap and breast cancer causing ingredients are in your deodorant?


I didn’t think so.

You ready?

Here it is.

The cheapest, most natural deodorant on the planet.



A cut lime.

Here are your directions:

Easy Deodorant Recipe

Your welcome!


Parisienne Farmgirl

Natural Deodorant Recipe




Thank you Free Digital Photos! Lime photo By Master isolated images

Used with permission.