Early Spring Delight: Captivating Moments in My Greenhouse Sanctuary

Feb 26, 2024 | On Gardening, Potager 101, The Parisienne Farmhouse | 0 comments

From snow to sensational.

We’ve had the most unbelievably mild winter.

Nothing is free, nothing is cheap and I know all these mild temps and snowless days come at a price, but dang it, I’m loving it.

Snow (and rain) is the poor farmer’s nitrogen. My Grampa loved the snow. He worked so hard as a farmer and played equally as hard in the winter, snowmobiling, downhill skiing, and reveling in the nitrogen that those Indiana whiteouts brought his fields. (He’s where I get my Joie de Vivre).

This farmgirl isn’t getting any nitro. We’ve had hardly any snow and we barely get any rain in the summer (although we live a mile from Lake Michigan) well, let’s say… it could be a year where the “Fern poop” as the kids call it comes in pretty handy.

I don’t know if Grampa would agree, but I’d take de trop compost spreading any day of the week over an unvarying stream of blizzards and month after month of living in Grayscale.

Nonetheless, here I am. DAYS of 45-degree weather and no snow. The perennials are trying to pop up, the snowdrops are in bloom and I’ve taken a break from laying tile to go revel in the mud. IT SMELLS SO GOOD.

There’s nothing like dirt.

My Grampa farmed 1,000 acres (after a handful of years as a dairy farmer and then pig farmer), but long before that, he thought he’d take a try at college.


Boiler up.

He once told me he got to campus, took a tour, and turned on his heel, knowing that dirt was what ran through his veins and his higher education would be found in the barn in the wee hours of milking, in the Bible and the dirt. Hours in the classroom were not for him. He couldn’t stand to be away from those flat, beautiful Indiana fields.

I love dirt.

I come by it naturally.

I love him.

I miss him.

He’s a part of my daily existence. My Gram graciously gave me his favorite button-downs and I wear them all the time when I’m in the garden. Like today.

Instead of floundering with S.A.D. on this fine February 25th, I was outside, setting up my hoop house (trashed by an earlier blizzard in December). It’s put back together and ready for spring planting. It looks like this unimaginable weather will continue for the next two weeks at least. The ground is totally thawed out. It’s game time, for as long as it can be until the inevitable April blizzard.

All these temps mean a premature Spring. Early in a way we do NOT see here in Northern Wisconsin. That means I’m starting many seeds about two weeks earlier than usual and it’s exhilarating.

In today’s video, I’m sharing all these thoughts and more…Lenten roses, over-wintered geranium, seed starting set-up (including those hideous pink grow lights)…

I’m on my way to Paris in 6 weeks, but the Farmgirl of this Parisienne Farmgirl is already in her glory. Not on the Champs Elysees, but in the mud. Grampa is in real GLORY farming for the King and I believe, smiling because the tradition lives on.

I appreciate you being here.


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