Last week I went to California for a doTERRA leadership conference. It was incredible to hang out with all my internet peeps and sure enough, since we were all primping and preening to look our best in sunny Cali our conversation often turned to fashion, dressing your truth and finding ones signature moves. You ladies are a constant inspiration.

This post is so out of my comfort zone it’s not even funny.

It’s all about comparing. And insecurity. And being a confident, competent women but wondering what others will think. But, here I go…

Yeap – I’m gonna prattle on about fashion and even post awkward pics that my darling son took of me.

I think I might be sick…

Here’s the thing. Despite being uncomfortable with pics of myself like these… I’m settled. I’ve got my personal style figured out and have for some time. I know what works, what makes me feel great. I know what doesn’t work and what makes me feel like a total dork. And I love helping people figure that out too.


In my other life, when I’m not donning an apron, gathering eggs, teaching children to read and spreading the oily love…. I fancy myself a stylist. Move over Clinton and Stacy. I love helping my friends hone in on their signature style. I love seeing other people realize they deserve to look and feel fabulous no matter their age, size or budget. As for myself, it took three decades but I finally figured it out, my very own signature style, and I’ve learned now not to stray from what works for me and I love chatting about the process with others and offering my opines.

Cause lord knows I’m opinionated.

It all began back in the day when I used to work for BeautiControl and I would help people assess their fashion and body type personality with a quiz very similar to this oneIt was all about whether you were a “Romantic”, “Classic”, “Natural” or “Dramatic”. Actually, scratch that. It began when I was a little girl who fell in love with a princess. See, I was raised on Princess Diana (Yeap – remember when I met her? That was awesome. Remember when she died and a piece of me died too? That one still hurts a bit.) But by raised, I mean HARDCORE. Letter writing, fashion studying… in fact, as a ‘tween and teen for Christmas and birthdays I would get coffee table books about Diana and her life and fashions. Geesh.

I’ve been an old lady my whole life. My friend Shaye and I joke while she was reading Teen Beat, I was scouring Royalty and Majesty magazines to monitor the style wars between Fergie and Diana.

Dressing your Truth - Finding your Signature Style

Please let my gorgeous, mossy silo distract you from that horrid expression on my face. I’m no model. Gag. But here’s the outfit… “skinny” jeans (skinny being relative), a neutral tank with a tweedy jacket. The flower I stole from a crappy, old Target t-shirt, the shoes are Nine West and I’ve had them for years. I bought them strictly for the colour. I call it Peacock green and the bag is Michael Kors; a splurge I treated myself to last year when I got a promotion with doTERRA.  I love it so much.


Dressing your Truth - Finding your Signature Style

To add insult to fabulous injury my momma worked part-time at Casual Corner when I was growing up and I got 50% off.  SCORE!. So while kids were pegging their jeans and ripping holes in them on purpose, I was rocking suede shorts, with faux gator flats and houndstooth blazers. Ok – I pegged my jeans for a while there.

I had bitchen bangs and big hair too.

I can not tell a lie.

True, I had some awkward moments but I worked those kinks out during about 14 horrible months in high school and then it got rough again in my twenties as I came to grips with who I was going to be as an adult…and then it happened.

I quit fighting.

I put on my red lipstick and just decided to friggen own who I was. The rest is, as they say, fashion history.

So can you guess my “fashion personality”, my “signature style”?

That’s right. Classic with a side of dramatic.

Inspired by Chanel, Diana, Audrey, Jackie, Marilyn and Liz of days gone by and Gwen Steffani’s drama, Princess Kate’s classic style, Jennifer Aniston’s casual, chic look of today.

Want another quiz? I played with a bunch of them for this post. This one was fun, I came out as “The Wrangler”.

Dressing your Truth - Finding your Signature Style

I love Chanel and Ralph and buttloads of structure and live for drama in my accessories and makeup.  It never fails me. I don’t own a sweatshirt. I hate myself in them (except my navy blue polo hoodie that I lost last year. Still ticked about that.)

I love a classic white t-shirt but I see myself in one and I just look…….round. I hate round. I love angles and structure. Casual for me is much better rocked with a bit of structure. I’m short too, so I love to create the illusion of length anywhere I can. Even if the only person I am fooling is myself. HA!

Dark jeans, trousers, tanks with jackets, dresses (but with structure and no girly frills). High heels, boots, leather “tennis” shoes and as close to a designer bag as I can afford. That’s what thrills me. Tailored, clean and classic. VERY few prints. These are my signature moves.

I have flexibility with the seasons too. Espadrilles and dresses in the summer, layers for temperature changes in the fall. No fuss, French-inspired hair. That’s probably my most romantic move. I like my hair to look a bit more unstyled and feminine. a la Parisienne. Unless it’s my standard 3-inch high heel, I’m all about comfort so that’s about as natural as I get. In fact, I can only wear the photographed jacket for so long. It Itches. I’m like a five year old. I can’t take it.

What about you? What do you feel fabulous on? What’s your signature style?

I think it’s a great idea to harness a couple signature moves, to purge your closet of anything that doesn’t scream: YOU. I love the idea of finding a selection of labels where you KNOW what size you wear and which cuts work. Figure out those strengths and totally PLAY into them. (This is why I shop TJ Maxx cause they carry the same designers all the time and you can really fall into a reliable groove).

Along the lines of the Fashion Personality quiz my friend Shaye (who has abandoned her Teen Beat ways a long time ago) swears by Carol Tuttle’s, Dressing Your Truth and after looking into her philosophy, if you find yourself struggling or with a closet full of crap that you hate – I’d highly recommend it. Figuring out your signature style is life changing. It saves you tons of money and time shopping and gives you a ton of confidence.   Unless you’ve convinced yourself you want to start blogging more about fashion and that requires awkward, constipated looking photos…. I don’t think Carol can help me there.  Eek.

Angela Parisienne Farmgirl Thank you for reading!