Dirt in my shoes, gritting under my feet on the kitchen floor after a morning of weeding…even temporarily staining the toes of my white socks as I yank off my wellies.
I can’t wait and while it has since snowed, the other day it rained and I sat by the window to soak in that wormy, earthy, springtime smell.

I long for my garden.

Funny too, cause it’s really a mess. There are trees growing that shouldn’t be there, shading would be gorgeous tomatoes and sheltering hatching mosquitos…there is landscape material poking out from a budget layer of pea gravel and leeks rotting from a pregnancy full of leaning over la toilette.
But, this year hubby has a new job and this year I have my babe in arms instead of in belly and I simply can not wait. I vow not to make the same mistakes this year…I vow to yank out all the junk that doesn’t move my soul, I vow to plant more lavender than one can imagine would fit on a town lot, I vow to figure out how to stave off mildew on my zucchini and how to harvest more than 5 strawberries…
This year, I may be able to build my pergola that would support my gigantic non-blooming wisteria…maybe this year I will get that monster to bloom and this year, I will move my apple trees that are growing too big for the garden…in fact, I think I will use the “land that I care for but is not mine” IE: the city parkway that I have to mow – let them house my apple trees that I want but don’t have room for…HA!

This year I will TRY to be satisfied with what I have, I will try not to curse every time I see my neighbor walk by in his black socks to dump his plastics in the recycle bin that resides behind his garage…RIGHT next to my potager…on second thought, maybe this is the year of my privacy fence too…

I can’t wait.
Roses, herbs and fresh veggies.
There are few joys such as these.