Spend the Day with Angela, Parisienne Farmgirl

and dōTERRA in Milwaukee!


Finally!  A chance to meet in person and learn all about my favorite essential oils.

This will be an exclusive opportunity and I’m so excited about it!   dōTERRA’s TOGETHER TOUR is making its way around the country and on November 2nd we’ll be meeting up in Milwaukee.   ALL of the amazing oils and products will be on hand for you to finally experience firsthand.   dōTERRA’s essential oils are SUCH a part of my family’s life.    I’ve been sharing them with the world for over five years now and have seen them impact thousands of families and I’m giddy at the thought of being able to share them with you in person.  Whether you’re wanting beautiful skin or you have serious health issues to address, I know that these oils can bring you the wellness and dare I say, encouragement that you are looking for.

And so…. I’m headed to Milwaukee for one special day to hang out with YOU!

Prepare for an amazing experience.   Here’s what you can expect:

A private tour of the doTERRA products with me.

My guests and I will grab a frothy, delicious latté and then tour the product booths together.   We’ll sample.  I’ll answer all your questions.  Let’s talk about beautiful skin, #joiedevivre through incredible health and wellness!   We’ll have FUN experiencing the oils and brand new products together and we can address those tough health situations too.   You’ll learn about dōTERRA’s heartwarming humanitarian efforts, our sustainable practices, our STRICT purity testing, our advances into the world of “modern healthcare” and more.  I’ll be with you during the entire event!

Get the gift of SWAG!

You’re in the #Frow now girlfriend!

Go home with an EXCLUSIVE dōTERRA Tour oil and other dōTERRA Swag PLUS PARISIENNE FARMGIRL swag…     Seeds from my potager and a copy of From France to the Farm!   You’ll receive a HUGE discount on all the new products if you chose to purchase AND a FREE year of wholesale pricing on any reorders.  The new products will be ON HAND and available for you to take home.   No delayed gratification!:)

The fine print?

Sure.  Why not?   I’m excited to meet my social media friends and I know many of you are already my customers.   Every guest of mine who registers for this event will receive the free dōTERRA oil and any additional dōTERRA treats but latté’s, Parisienne Farmgirl swag, and free wholesale accounts are perks available to my friends who join me in Milwaukee who do NOT currently have a dōTERRA account/rep.   Savvy?


Register HERE for the event. Then…