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 Our rental apartment… just steps from the beach.
 The babes and I spent a good hour building our very own Mont Saint Michel.  Stone foundation, lots of seaweed chinking and tons of fun.
 I don’t know who had more fun… me… or them.
 So many sandbars, so little time.  JuJu sure had fun at the beach!
 Not EVERY baby is named after our favorite Door County restaurant!
Julien James is!
 The kids had pirate fever!
 Hoolie is such a TRIP!
 Oh yeah, that’s our boat.  See it?
Right there.
No, right there.
The big one.
 They SURE know how to do flowers!  I never get tired of their curb appeal!
 The most fun you can have being racked over the coals – the Fish Creek Market.
 On this night we left Daddy home with the babies and we “did the town”.  One of my most wonderful times I have ever had with Aidan and Amélie.
 Look at her.
 Watching the big boats come in.
 Oh THERE’s our boat!
Best of friends – ready to turn in after another wonderful day of vacation.