Last week everyone around here was sick.
I hate being sick in the summer.

But… it afforded me the opportunity to spend a little time on Pinterest.  Something I NEVER indulge in.  Ok, maybe not never but we’re talking no more than an hour a week.

Pinterest IS amazing but for me it’s got to be something more than just another excuse to sit down.  I mean… what good is an inspiration board if you don’t USE it!

So, this week I planned our menu around my Pinterest recipes.  DANG! 
 Let me tell you, pinning recipes doesn’t have to be time wasted!  I’ve got an entire house full of happy, full campers and I will definitely be pinning more recipes and planning my menus accordingly!

OH!  I totally forgot to share my pork recipe with you!
I hate it when I do that – I get so excited about something, blog tease about it and then forget.
What can you do – four kids, a million hobbies… so little time.
I’ll get working on that!

Happy Pinning!