Sorry, after telling the story a hundred times on the phone I am a little burned out. Forgive me if I kept you in suspense…the wonderful, fantastic short version is….
Don is talking, and even spending a little time in a chair eating!!! All in just one week. We had been anxiously waiting for him to respond to commands all weekend and sure enough when Joel and I were in his room on Sunday Joel said, “Hey Buddy, it’s Joel, open your eyes for me.” and Don’s eyes opened right up at which point Joel RAN to the hall to get my Mom and she took his hand and gently asked him to squeeze it and he did! It was amazing!
Things have been progressing steadily every day since the accident but Mom and Don have a long road ahead of them. Physical therapy will start soon and then there is the issue of income over the next 4-6 months and phenomenal hospital bills and on and on.
I am asking that just because he is going to be OK does not mean everyone lets up on praying. There is a whole temporary lifestyle that has to be adjusted to by both of them. They are “Podnas” but I know there are challenges ahead.
Praise God for this miraculous last 7 days! Thank you for your support.