style="text-align: center;">Real quick girls.
Lame post here before I post one I have been working on.
The new header.
I am pretty pleased with it HOWEVER people keep telling me it’s all messed up on their screens.  What I see is my title header with the highly photoshopped “die-cut me” and the name.  Then, I see six photos/tabs across with another six tabs/photos across.  Everything is nice and symmetrical in my world.  It looks great.
  However some are saying the header is too big for their screen, others are saying they get ten tab/photos across and two underneath… etc…
So.  Obviously it takes A LOT of time to trick out ones blog and I am pretty bummed if it looks all jacked up to you girls out there?
Do you see what I see????
Oh.  BTW.
You would not BELIEVE the articles and photos that are pouring in for this magazine!  IT IS GOING TO ROCK!  And like fine wine… get better with time!  I am so excited!!!!!