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Jan 3, 2007 | Full Time Family, Spiritual | 3 comments

I have learned that I get my “adult conversation” from talk radio.

I know many Mom’s complain that they “haven’t had an adult conversation all day” but I rarely feel that way. Not being a huge phone person (the entire time I am on my cell phone I am wondering if those tumor rumors are true!) I prefer to fill my mind with encouraging and education “talk.” And I DO NOT MEAN OPRAH OR THE VIEW!

On a more spiritual level my favorites include Focus on the Family and Ravi Zacharius radio broadcasts – all archived on the internet. I tell you what, besides the lack of social interaction, it’s like attending church every day.
On an interest level I love to listen/watch French TV on the internet and I LOVE talk radio like Michael Savage.

The past two mornings I have chosen Focus on the Family and I have been truly blessed. If I may, with great enthusiasm encourage you to listen to part 1 and 2 of this broadcast CLICK HERE – whether you have been married 30 years or are getting married this summer (that means you Jen, Tony, Nic and Vic) this broadcast will surely give you something that you need to hear. It took me a moment to get beyond the female “bubbly Christian voices” but that is my own problem, as super happy voices creep me out and make me question sincerity – after a while and especially during the part 2 I could see that there was definite substance to the words being spoken no matter how chirpy the women’s voice was.
So, I am saying it again – grab your partner or listen alone at first. There will be some tool or suggestion that you can use to strengthen your marriage. I am sure many of us don’t have “new marriage problems” but when a problem creeps up in our home it is usually something we have “dealt with” before but only because we keep handling it and our words the same way each time (expecting different results).
OK, I’ll stop – just do it.
Let me know what you think!


  1. Amanda

    I posted a pic of your old friend Jennifer on my blog…thought you’d enjoy.

  2. Shabby in the City

    Hello~I also love to hear Ravi…love him and what a speaker he is. I couldn’t believe when I saw what you said-about the women’s voices because I FEEL THE SAME WAY! I’m gonna listen to this broadcast tomorrow when the kids get off to school.

  3. quiet storms

    I clicked on the link, saw the title and thought, “huh? why does she want me to listen to a thing about being ‘set free?’ what’s she trying to say??” then i realized it was the previous two days’ topic (about marriage, not drug abuse!). duh. i listened to the first one. confession: we have some communication, uh, issues. this may help us. i hope n and i will discuss this radio program soon! thanks!


    ps. miss you, too. i totally wish we lived closer!


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