D.I.Y. Wedding Project… Custom Champagne Bottles

Jun 14, 2011 | Beauty and Style, Full Time Family | 5 comments

I’ve been itchin’ to do this project for my sisters’ wedding and just got it done the other night.

We handed out champagne bottles to close family a couple years ago for Christmas with a family photograph as the label.  It was so fun and festive – I had to insist I get to do this project to add some sparkle to the tables!

When you consider a $6 bottle of sparkling wine from Trader Joe’s, and a run to the craft store – this is a very economical way to add a little more sparkle to our guests tables.  We chose silver and teal.  We have teal gel lights in the corners of the tent, the “china” is lined with silver and the the “cutlery” is silver too.  The tablecloths are black… all in all this wedding is going to be basic black and white with Tiffany Blue accents so these bottles will match perfectly!

Here’s how… (not that you couldn’t figure out how to use glue and glitter without me!)

You will need:  Champagne (dugh) liquid glue, stick glue, paper, glitter and a heavy dose of patience.

I cut cut and pasted my labels to the back of the bottle… our Champagnes name is R.S.V.P. – how cute is that for a wedding?  Can’t cover that up!  The labels I made were about 3×4″.  I found an old Creative Memories paper cutter pretty handy.

Glue one side of your paper, be sure to get all four edges so your paper doesn’t curl up on the bottle.

After adhering it, smooth it out and draw a frame around it, right on the edge with your liquid glue.  I then used a paint brush to flatten it out a little.

Pour glitter all over the frame and tap gently on the counter to shake off the excess.

We finally decided on a K – the first letter of the last name.  Though I thought a C and D intertwined for Chelsea and Derek would have been pretty too.  Obviously, you could REALLY get creative and fancy with your custom label from a photograph like I did, custom artwork, a baby announcement. etc.  How fun for birthday parties, retirement parties and the like!

I wrote the K with glue and then poured extra fine glitter over it…

And shook off the excess.

Twenty four bottles of the finished product.


I can’t wait to show you the hats I have made for my darling little girls!


  1. Kate

    That is incredibly festive! I’m totally bookmarking this for Christmas this year. I think the words Joyeux Noel in glitter would be beautiful!

  2. Stephanie

    This is charming and so original. Plus, who doesn’t like champagne!

  3. Vickie Wiles

    So clever…and pretty! I will definitely “bank” this idea for future use. Thanks so much for sharing.


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