Parisienne Farmgirl Affordable Thanksgiving Centerpiece Tutorial

Nov 24, 2010 | Parisienne Farmhouse Design | 11 comments

So, hopefully, it’s not too late in the day for you to make this if you want… but, nonetheless, I’ve done a couple of projects around the Parisienne Farmhouse that I am pretty pleased with this past week, and this in one of them… I just had to share!!!
(2018 Update
We’ve moved twice since making this blog post based on an old French General arrangement I saw once. I’ve made a version of this creation every year since this tutorial. If you’d like to see a video, you might enjoy this…)

You will need:
A basket – hit the thrift store or your favorite resale shoppe – I got mine for $4.00!!!
Paper grocery bag
Florist foam
Burlap (optional)
Various Vegetables
Herbs from your Garden (You could use Evergreen sprigs too if your herbs are completely  dead!  I used Thyme cause it’s still holding it’s color and sprigs of my Rosemary that I am actually going to try to over-winter.)
Place your fabric if you choose to use it, like a liner in the bottom of the basket and place a layer of foam on top of that.  Stuff the paper around making everything nice and firm.
Consider what vegetables you would like to use as your foundation.  I chose Gourds because I got an entire shopping bag of them for FREE at Trader Joe’s the other day!  For a heavier vegetable like the Gourd I used a small drill bit to make a hole for the skewer.  It really helped…hold it tight, those Gourds are tough, my bit slipped and I have a nice little hole in my hand! 
Put the skewer in the Veggie and then into the foam; laying the edge of the veg on the edge of the basket.  
From there, you can layer your vegetables as you choose.   I chose Autumnal colors.. beets would be pretty, as would purple onions but I did not want to take any chances of a pungent odor so I used red potatoes.
For the root veggies like carrots and radish, I like to pick the ones that have not been cut.  I think the curlicue of the root end is charming.
For the top, you could use a bunch of carrots with those curlicues at the very top.  I chose asparagus… but, word to the wise, leave the rubber band on until you are finished with your project.  They will be easier to put into place.
I also cut a small indentation into the foam to make my topper a bit more secure.
To fill in the gaps (which are more noticeable in the photographs than in real life) you could use Evergreens… especially if your home is already decorated for Christmas… that might tie it together nicely.  However, I chose herbs that were still thriving in my Potager.  I placed Rosemary throughout and used the Thyme at the bottom.  
  I didn’t want it hanging out too far so I pushed the bottom edges in, every other gourd and then took the far edges and pushed them into the openings… making a sort of wreath feel around the base of the arrangement.
Many of these things you will find around your home, especially if you are crafty!  
I will be taking this with me to my Aunt’s tomorrow. All in all it took about 30 minutes… and I had “help” if you know what I mean.   I think I will make some form of it every year from now on.  It was inspired by a fun project in the book Homemade Soirées.
I do want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.
I am thankful for your input, compliments, comments and friendship.
Go love on your family.  
I know I am beyond Thankful for mine and we are going to have a riot tomorrow!
Many Blessings.


  1. Julie

    Happy Thanksgiving, Angela, to you and your family.

    The Chickens are just darling. Hoolie has really grown.

  2. carolwingert

    Love it…it’s absolutely gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Ann at eightacresofeden

    Happy Thanksgiving Ang!
    I wish we had a Thanksgiving in Australia – I would love to make a centrepiece like that for my table.
    Arranging fruit, flowers, candles etc is my absolute passion. I made a new elaborate Christmas wreath last week – using silk flowers as fresh just wilt in our summer heat. And today making bon bons with gold glittery paper which I now regret as I am covered in sparkling glitter top to toe and have to go out tonight!
    Hope you have a wonderful celebration – we all have so much to thank God for.

  4. Kalee

    That looks so bountiful! What a beautiful display!

  5. cityfarmer

    Turkey for me
    Turkey for you
    Let’s eat the turkey
    In my big brown shoe
    Love to eat the turkey
    At the table
    I once saw a movie
    With Betty Grable

    Turkey lurkey doo and
    Turkey lurkey dap
    I eat that turkey
    Then I take a napTurkey for me
    Turkey for you

    love love love the veggies
    let’s have a riot!

  6. Alice

    Beautiful and colorful centerpiece! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  7. chaurizo


    Bravo! C’est super sympa cet arrangement!!! I love this post and as you can see, I finally got through to be able to publish this comment. Yayyyy…!!! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you and your family Angela.

  8. Joy

    Wow, that is ‘over the top’! Beautiful!

  9. Molly @ Star Cottage

    This is a truly incredible center piece I love it! You amaze me 😉


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