style="text-align: center;">So…
while we (I) are in a dreamy mood…
Someday on that farm I was stewing over yesterday, we are going to have a greenhouse.
A real greenhouse.
The kind you can walk in.  Not the big, hard, plastic thing with doors sitting on the window seat in my kitchen.  (Though I do love my little greenhouse).
There is a greenhouse in town here with brick floors… it’s huge.  
The mind reels.
There is something about bringing the outdoors, in.
Like the gardens at the Opryland hotel – have you ever seen those?
I used to go every year for the BeautiControl convention.  You can actually take a boat ride thru them!
To satisfy this craving… (Because, let’s say it’s easier than satisfying my craving for a barn)  I give my front porch/sun room/office a sort of solarium feel with lots of plants and a fountain (though the fountain is in the repair shop, read: Joel’s garage, due to a leak).
Someday…   a greenhouse.
How about connected to the kitchen?  
I’ll do it myself if I have to… in the meantime…
Here are a couple to get your dreamy juices goin’! 
Oh, the one connected to the barn.
Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
So long as it’s not a chicken:)
Creating up a storm for the launch party!  
A bientôt!
All images found under “gorgeous greenhouses” or “charming greenhouses” and Opryland Gardens  on Google Images.