Glass paint on 4×4 Home Depot tiles… my beloved graph paper always starts my projects off right.

In between needing more supplies to finish the floors, I decided I needed a WIN in the kitchen so I plowed RIGHT into finishing a portion of my Monet hand-painted tile.

My favorite saw.

That’s right. I’ve been painting TONS of 4×4 tile to resemble those in Monet’s kitchen at Giverny. Maybe you’ve been following along?

Did I get a wine?


Did I get a WIN? You tell me!

Today I’m sharing with you the biggest video I’ve ever made! I left NO detail out. This is the Monet Kitchen Tile project from start to finish! From a quick trip to see the real kitchen in Giverny, France to the beautiful REVEAL of my tile installed! I can’t stop walking through the kitchen to look at it. It’s breathtaking if I do say so myself. All those hours crouched over painting those darn tiles were TOTALLY worth it!

If you want to try yourself, here’s your SHOPPING LIST.

Last week I shared a little glimpse of getting the tile hung and some of my lumber lamentations, but if you want the whole story, then this is the video for you. Move over Chip and Jo Jo —

Ang and Joel Joel are à la maison!

This week I’m sharing a never before Director’s Cut version of this project. Start to finish baby!

I hope you have the most amazing, beautiful weekend. I’ll be over here staring at my tiles! Scratch that, I’ll be back to crawling around laying more terra cotta:)

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