style="text-align: left;">Hmmmm… A Dining Room Makeover?   Sure – let’s do it!
Here we are… it’s the first day of Spring and it’s snowing on my darling Crocuses.
Why am I not surprised?
Nature is going to be making some beautiful changes over the next few weeks… I felt like “giving it a go” too!
So what did I do?
Well, I did what any normal (read: insane) woman with three children under 4 1/2 and a 500 pound dining room table would do…
I swapped my living room for my dining room!
The idea came last year after a dinner party when I thought that perhaps the next time we entertained I would swap rooms just for the night to make manuvering around the table a little easier for our guests.  Well, why wait for the next night of entertainment?  Why not create a GRAND dining room, DRAMATIC with our huge table smack in the middle?
Why not create a cozy, intimate, parlor type living room with our lovely sofa and little collection of trumeaux?
Yeah!  Why not?
Pourquoi pas?
So, a few “heave ho” ‘s later (or as the French say, Oh isse!)  Voila, out with the old, in with the new…
Vive le Printemps!
Today I will (hopefully) entertain you with photos of the “new” dining room and tomorrow… our cozy little living room…
New to the farmhouse you say?  And you don’t know what the room looked like before?
DIning Room Makeover
I am loving the space around the table…there is a good 4 feet along the benches and 8 feet on the ends!  The room “feels” really good.  Comfortable.  I find myself doing laps around the table while I talk on the telephone.
DIning Room Makeover
DIning Room Makeover
Our little faux fireplace sort of has to stay where it is (it’s a symmetry thing)… unless I really want to live on the edge…I suppose it could go over to the left.  I swapped out the alabaster lamps with the to die for shades and put one my desk and one in the new living room… I put my little orange tasseled lamps in their place and added the gold baskets on either side of the mirror…I stole those from the powder room.
DIning Room Makeover
Experiments in Sepia, I could not get any of these photographs to match…dommage.
I decided to “tablescape” (there’s that word that bugs me) with all the leftover accessories…I think it came out O.K.
A sneak peak of the new living room looking into the new dining room…
Dining Room Makeover
“a demain”!
See you tomorrow!   I hope you enjoyed this Living Room/Dining Room Makeover!
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