Ding, Ding, Ding — Round Five

Oct 7, 2013 | On Motherhood | 10 comments

And in this corner ladies and gentleman,
Weighing in at…

Well, I’ll never tell.

It’s about that time.  
Thursday it’s been eight weeks since the baby, my beautiful Anaïs has been born and as usual, my thighs aren’t getting the picture.  That is, that they once again need to FIT IN the picture.  No more oozing out the sides of photographs 🙂

Twenty lost so far.
Thirty to go fit into everything in my closet.
Forty to finally be my “dream weight” knowing that another pregnancy is not on the horizon.

I’m excited but I really am dreading this.
Dreading the sweaty hair and coinciding zits.
Dreading the aching muscles.
Dreading the “Oh, I think I am dead.”  as I roll over in the middle of the night.
Dreading the aching feet.
(I have THE flattest feet in the world and working out makes them hurt SO BAD.  Honestly, I can do any work out you put in my face – I am just not a quitter that way – but the foot pain about does me in.
Dreading adjusting to the brand new shoes that are supposed to “help” said flat feet.
Dreading begging my family for ONE FRICKEN HOUR of “Mom time”.  
Dreading how LONG it’s going to take.

I am not looking forward to this.

But then again – I am.
I have type O blood and my good friend Beth tells me that we type-o-ers need brutal, exhausting workouts for our psyche.  I believe it.  I ride SO high after working out.  I feel unstoppable.

I am looking forward to ROCKING OUT with Turbo Fire.  I did it for the scheduled 120 days last year and it completely reshaped my figure – no, I didn’t drink any of their silly shakes.  Forget Gillian – she scares the crap out of me.  Way too butch to get me motivated.  I love me some Chalene!

I am looking forward to zipping up those size sixes again – though, as usual it seems like such a pipe dream.

Like a horse waiting for the gun to blast I’ve got my blinkers on – looking not to the right  or to the left.  I just charge straight ahead ’til the weight is finally gone.  It will be the 5th time in eight years that I have lost 40-50 pounds.  I just can’t believe that.  And I don’t even follow the “high impact” example —  good lord — my uterus would fall out after five births!

I am posting a couple videos from the series.  Turbo Fire is something I get REALLY passionate about – especially for Momma’s cause I have seen how it just destroys “Mom problems”  and I love it that it’s all about a schedule.  There is no guess work.  I just follow the schedule, try not to kick any kid in the face and carry on.  It builds and builds.  Serious – if you watch those DVD’s that are only for the end of your schedule you think you will NEVER be able to do them and then you get there and you are strong enough and crazy enough!

Hard core.

Got to LOVE those hand weights!  Yes – you gotta wear them from day one no matter how weak your arms are!

Here come the flat abs.
Nice tri ‘s
Great bi’s
And that awful fat glob above my knee cap will go away.  (I’m only 5’4 – extra weigh has no where to go but hang – ick.)
Bring on the “after burn” that Turbo is known for!

Wish me well.

Oh boy.

Here I go.

And my favorite – get’s me SOOOOO pumped!


  1. Gail Peterson

    Looks fun but intense! Kettlebell work outs are great too. A 30 minutes workout is equivalent to an hour workout! A full body workout. Takes getting the technique down but it will get you strong and lean quick! I wish you steady results & great health!

  2. Mandy

    I’m sweating just watching it! I’ve thought about buying it, but honestly? the music would have me shooting myself after 2 minutes. Just can’t handle the hip hop!

    You are a stud! Can’t wait for those after shots…now off to get my butt movin’!

  3. Lady Courtney

    Wow! Kinda inspires this 50+ girl to get up and do something like this. I’m just getting back into my workout routine from a bicep tendon rupture then surgery, I think this might be the thing to try. 🙂 Good luck! I know you can do it! Donna

  4. shirlgirl

    Praying for your success in your workout road ahead. Thrilled to have more of your blog to read lately. I doubly appreciate it knowing how little time you have for yourself so thank you.

  5. Steve Runyan

    Best thing I ever did for my feet, was to stop listening to the modern advice that feet must be supported fully.
    Zero drop shoes were the very best thing I ever did for my body. No more foot pain. Ever. Unless I wear any kind of shoe with support.
    Seems to me God did a pretty good job designing those feet for us 🙂
    And we have to go around messing them up, lol!

  6. Steve Runyan

    Oh, and meant to add, I have a kettlebell sitting waiting for my adrenals to fully heal. And its looking like I am just about there!

  7. MH

    I was looking at buying the DVDs and was wondering if you use the original DVD set or the beach body set? Thanks! Molly

  8. Christy

    Happy to see more of your blogging …..love your stories and your motivation! I just might introduce Turbo Fire into my life, too!

  9. Marta Montenegro Martin

    OK…so I’m super inspired! And promised myself that if do 30 days straight of Jillian Michaels I’ll splurge on TurboFire. (Jillian works for me – in two weeks, I swear, my body is transformed.) Good luck and am right there with you!

  10. Burlap Luxe

    It Will all Fall off don’t stress this will reserve body fat.

    I was reading on about your brother, intelligence runs in your family.



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