Design on a Centime – UPDATED!

Mar 9, 2009 | Parisienne Farmhouse Design | 7 comments

How fun.  I found this horrible “before” photo of SweetThang’s bedroom!  It was an awful shade of Country Craft Paint Blue (as I liked to call it!) and we were using it for storage/guest bedroom.  You’ve come a long way baby!


  1. Berlin Deluxxe

    Wow, what a difference. I was wondering if you could give me a tip on how to “antique” my white furniture into a rubbed French creamy color. Thanks 🙂

  2. cityfarmer

    Oh, I remember it so well.
    NOW we have a girl, a princess, a girlie girl…

    She deserves a room just like this.
    Well done…glad to have contributed…

  3. Bonjour Madame

    No way! That room is totally transformed. Is the changing table in the former closet? What a great idea.

  4. Berlin Deluxxe

    Yes, I am married, but we never had a reception so after all these years we will be renewing our vows this summer.
    I pretty much sneak out to go shopping everyday *whispers* ♥

  5. Anne Marie

    hilarious……and I couldn’t help but see your 7 hours of cooking on Centennial Farmhouse blog….your house must smell awesome!
    I was requested to cater a dinner- wish me luck!

  6. Bonjour Madame

    Me again :). I answered your question on my blog instead of yours…duh. So here goes.

    I originally found your blog through a search engine or something. I think I landed on Parisienne Farmhouse first because I was searching for The Paris Apartment’s site. It’s one of the first blogs I ever started reading. I’ve been following it for a long time. I love your blog! I am in awe of your decorating and cooking skills. I am looking forward to reading your new “blook”. I cannot believe you got to stay so close to Notre Dame!

    I just looked up the U.S. locations for Oliviers & Co and they are: Boston, Denver, L.A., NYCl, Newport Beach, San Francisco, Seattle, & Short Hills. Of course, none near me. That store was amazing. It was one of those discoveries where I literally got so excited when I walked in.

    And today I caved and ordered an olive oil and balsamic vinagrette. Oops.

    – Stephanie

  7. Victoria

    Thought you might like this blog:

    especially the post of her (I think) daughter’s bedroom. Chic, like Lie-Lie’s. Alas, the rest of the blog is in Swedish! Oh well..enjoy the pics at least.

    Oh, I loved the bathroom post on hers, too. So many ideas, so few bathrooms in my possession (that would be none. 🙁


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