Before Turquoise was cool.”

And I bet a lot of you were too!
Pantone announces Turquoise as the Color of the Year for 2010…”la dee da” is what I say. I’ve been an addict of this lovely color for…let me see…for 12 years now.
Perhaps I am stuck in a rut!
But nonetheless, as I am sure you have experienced, there is a sense of frustration when something becomes “all the rage” but you’ve been doing it forever. My recent frustrations include:
Peacocks –
remember the whole Peacock craze, especially at Anthropology in the last 24 months, I mean for Pete’s sake, I saw a Peacock feather barrette at TARGET today…anyways, I’ve decorated with Peacocks and Peacock feathers long before Anthropology had even opened their doors around here! And someday I am going to have a HUGE garden with a REAL peacock struttin’ it’s stuff too!
Red Lipstick
every other year or so the fashion headlines read,
“Red Lipstick make a comeback!”
and I just have to laugh as I have been sportin’ my signature reds forever…
Let me have fun with this one…this whole full skirted, vintage style thing that has been so popular for the last couple years…well sweetie, they were hanging in my closet long before that…As someone who HATES shorts I have heard “Why are you so dressed up?” a million times and I own it all to my “before they were trendy”, full, vintage style skirts…
The whole Marie Antoinette craze
ya, that’s right. I was WAY into her, WAY before the movie. I know a lot of you feel my pain with this one.
Of course, I am being funny (or trying to) but wasn’t it Chanel who said,

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” ????

And even the Bible says,
“There is nothing new under the sun…”
And Lord knows you can’t get away from imitation in blogland, so in honor of it and all it’s frustrations…
Here is a little Turquoise for ya’


Vanity top – closet – office.

Favorite vintage pillowcase.

Hey – how did this one get in here???

Stack of vintage pillows…Paris treasures.

The “Tiffany dresser”

Great Grammas print, bedroom lighting, end of the bed bench and ribboned pillow, office paneling and favorite mag.

Corner cab housing a lifetime of Madame Alexander’s…

Hollywood books, hand towel, bedroom rug, bathroom light.
Vintage hat collection in the closet – office window.