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Feb 4, 2010 | Parisienne Farmhouse Design | 16 comments

Before Turquoise was cool.”

And I bet a lot of you were too!
Pantone announces Turquoise as the Color of the Year for 2010…”la dee da” is what I say. I’ve been an addict of this lovely color for…let me see…for 12 years now.
Perhaps I am stuck in a rut!
But nonetheless, as I am sure you have experienced, there is a sense of frustration when something becomes “all the rage” but you’ve been doing it forever. My recent frustrations include:
Peacocks –
remember the whole Peacock craze, especially at Anthropology in the last 24 months, I mean for Pete’s sake, I saw a Peacock feather barrette at TARGET today…anyways, I’ve decorated with Peacocks and Peacock feathers long before Anthropology had even opened their doors around here! And someday I am going to have a HUGE garden with a REAL peacock struttin’ it’s stuff too!
Red Lipstick
every other year or so the fashion headlines read,
“Red Lipstick make a comeback!”
and I just have to laugh as I have been sportin’ my signature reds forever…
Let me have fun with this one…this whole full skirted, vintage style thing that has been so popular for the last couple years…well sweetie, they were hanging in my closet long before that…As someone who HATES shorts I have heard “Why are you so dressed up?” a million times and I own it all to my “before they were trendy”, full, vintage style skirts…
The whole Marie Antoinette craze
ya, that’s right. I was WAY into her, WAY before the movie. I know a lot of you feel my pain with this one.
Of course, I am being funny (or trying to) but wasn’t it Chanel who said,

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” ????

And even the Bible says,
“There is nothing new under the sun…”
And Lord knows you can’t get away from imitation in blogland, so in honor of it and all it’s frustrations…
Here is a little Turquoise for ya’


Vanity top – closet – office.

Favorite vintage pillowcase.

Hey – how did this one get in here???

Stack of vintage pillows…Paris treasures.

The “Tiffany dresser”

Great Grammas print, bedroom lighting, end of the bed bench and ribboned pillow, office paneling and favorite mag.

Corner cab housing a lifetime of Madame Alexander’s…

Hollywood books, hand towel, bedroom rug, bathroom light.
Vintage hat collection in the closet – office window.


  1. Marie-Ange

    La vie en bleu turquoise est magnifique chez toi.
    Bisous de très belle journée.

  2. Tina Leigh

    And you was country when country wasnt cool…..
    Love the pictures!

  3. Bonjour Madame

    And that is why I love your blog so much. You are an original with a very clear vision and it’s so interesting. I love the close up shots of the little details in your home. You have the best light fixtures!

  4. My Vintage Modern Farmhouse

    Girl, all these magazines and blogs have got nothing on you:) You are leading the way for them! I love your Tiffany dresser. How is baby doing?


  5. Jen Chandler

    I understand. I’ll suddenly see a magazine article announcing such-in-such is “in” and I think, “really? hmmm, I’ve been wearing/doing/crafting that for years!” My problem is when you wear something and people are like, “Oh, that’s all the rage! Did you buy it at —?” and I look at them and say, “No, I made it a few years ago.” *sigh*

    Happy Thursday! Love the turquoise tour of your lovely home 🙂

  6. cityfarmer

    Can ya testify … I can testify …

    yep, you’ve gone and set some mighty trendy trends …one thing is different, though … for the PF these are not trends, but lifestyle!

  7. My Yellow House

    Don’t forget your bedskirt – isn’t that a beautiful shade of turqoise. You have such lovely things ~ they make your home so dreamy! I love how you know what you like and run with it!

  8. Jen

    I love all your turquoise stuff! That has been my fav color for years. Hmmm…I need way more of it in my life. Time to hit the paint store!

  9. Jenny

    Oh, my Angela. Your home is a wonder. It makes me wish I knew you better, and that you were just around the corner to ask for advice for all the handme down items in our home that I want to repurpose. Your ingenuity and artistic talent are an inspiration. Turquoise is such a lovely calm yet vivid color. blessings to you on your new little one. and that pic of Amelie sitting crossed leggedly while on the phone is darling!

  10. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    I love all your turquoise or aqua…it’s gorgeous and your home pulls it off so well…it’s such a happy color and looks like it gets along well with others! I especially love the dresser and the way the paint colors meet above it and it all looks so yummy!

  11. Victoria

    Yep, me too… I obsessively paint every stick of furniture I acquire (which is about five total) in this color. A plant stand from my great aunt? Turquoise. My desk? Two dressers? Pillows? All the same. I’d say we’re boring in the monotonous color choice except that it is possibly to best color EVER. My bedroom of choice will (someday) be turq and buttery yellow. Hooray!!

  12. Olde Tyme Marketplace

    I was just talking about the red lipstick thing today…it’s BACK in? THis is a make-up STAPLE, like salt and pepper, sugar , flour…it NEVER goes anywhere!
    Loved all your pics today!

  13. annie

    When IT becomes popular, change is in order here—-movin’ on…
    It’s sometimes difficult being a trend setter isn’t it? Most people don’t get it…
    Thank you for sharing the lovely photos (you are SO good).

  14. Terresa

    Love the turquoise & corner cabinet!!

    PS: Thanks for the reminder, I definitely need to wear more skirts! 🙂

  15. Berlin Deluxxe

    I applaud you for this post! Skirts, turquoise, etc… have been a part of my life forever as well! Growing up it was all these timeless things that graced my parent’s home and made their way to mine 🙂

  16. Molly @ Star Cottage

    Growing up on the seacoast Turquiose has been a favorite of mine since I was little. I see articles like that and just laugh. Like an article I saw on polkadots. “It’s like where have you guys been? Polkadots have always been cool.”
    And skirts, being a pear shape skirt have always been a staple for me. I almost never wear shorts unless they are over a bathingsuit @ the beach.
    Keep paving the way!
    It just takes a while for the rest of the world to catch up 😉


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