style="clear: both; text-align: center;">As promised… the new living room… more fun with sepia.
I did not move a lot of things on the wall as we had just changed the paint color earlier in the day before I switched the rooms. You obviously can’t see it in these photos but it is a lovely color by Pittsburgh called “Toasted Almond.” It’s subtle and neutral but gives enough of a background for my mirrors to “pop.”
A view from the kitchen.
There is something so springy and clean about that space that you see here. The end of the table used to be about three feet from that wall which is an OK amount of space but now you can really breathe when you walk into the room.
A little Florentine plaque I found the other day and one of my two favorite chairs. I love those Florentine plaques. I have two. Do you feel a collection on the horizon?
The lovely corner where I sat last night and visited all your blogs. This winter I convinced Big Daddy to bring in a couple pieces of concrete instead of storing them in the garage. The urn photographed here is the most amazing shade of blue, it’s all crackled and funky. You should see it spilling over with neon green sweet potato vine!
There aren’t enough ratty old lamp shades in the world to satisfy me.
I made an impromptu table top out of a coffee table book. The urn held a tree at Christmas time and still had the dirt in it from this past summer!
A view from the “new dining room” into the “new living room”… actually, to avoid confusion we have agreed when speaking as a family that each room shall keep it’s original name. Can you imagine trying to tell your husband where to find something, “Honey, it’s in the living room, I mean the new living room, next to the couch, I mean where the couch used to be!”
Another view.
If someone (ahem!!!) would return my wide angle lens I could take these interior shots much easier. Here I am holding the camera up by the ceiling just outside the kitchen.
From the doorway of the chicken’s playroom. You can see this doorway in other photographs…thing is…I have another French door in the garage. It’s partially stripped and if I save my pennies I will have it re-done to match the other two… that will really give the room a swanky, fun look with three French doors.
Plus, it might be nice to close the door during the witching hours! Can I get an “Amen” from the other Momma’s???
So there you have it. Yes, you saw right in one of those photos, the TV is on in the background and the cable is plugged in, it’s NASCAR day and I am watching those idiots on Capital Hill getting ready to ruin our country. Sigh.
Thanks for nothing, Bart.
Think spring.
This morning we worked on a greenhouse made out of old windows we salvaged from an old house in the neighborhood. Can’t wait to share it with you!
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