Design on a Centime: Fête le Printemps (Living Room/Dining Room Part II)

Mar 21, 2010 | French Farmhouse Design | 25 comments

As promised… the new living room… more fun with sepia.
I did not move a lot of things on the wall as we had just changed the paint color earlier in the day before I switched the rooms. You obviously can’t see it in these photos but it is a lovely color by Pittsburgh called “Toasted Almond.” It’s subtle and neutral but gives enough of a background for my mirrors to “pop.”
A view from the kitchen.
There is something so springy and clean about that space that you see here. The end of the table used to be about three feet from that wall which is an OK amount of space but now you can really breathe when you walk into the room.
A little Florentine plaque I found the other day and one of my two favorite chairs. I love those Florentine plaques. I have two. Do you feel a collection on the horizon?
The lovely corner where I sat last night and visited all your blogs. This winter I convinced Big Daddy to bring in a couple pieces of concrete instead of storing them in the garage. The urn photographed here is the most amazing shade of blue, it’s all crackled and funky. You should see it spilling over with neon green sweet potato vine!
There aren’t enough ratty old lamp shades in the world to satisfy me.
I made an impromptu table top out of a coffee table book. The urn held a tree at Christmas time and still had the dirt in it from this past summer!
A view from the “new dining room” into the “new living room”… actually, to avoid confusion we have agreed when speaking as a family that each room shall keep it’s original name. Can you imagine trying to tell your husband where to find something, “Honey, it’s in the living room, I mean the new living room, next to the couch, I mean where the couch used to be!”
Another view.
If someone (ahem!!!) would return my wide angle lens I could take these interior shots much easier. Here I am holding the camera up by the ceiling just outside the kitchen.
From the doorway of the chicken’s playroom. You can see this doorway in other photographs…thing is…I have another French door in the garage. It’s partially stripped and if I save my pennies I will have it re-done to match the other two… that will really give the room a swanky, fun look with three French doors.
Plus, it might be nice to close the door during the witching hours! Can I get an “Amen” from the other Momma’s???
So there you have it. Yes, you saw right in one of those photos, the TV is on in the background and the cable is plugged in, it’s NASCAR day and I am watching those idiots on Capital Hill getting ready to ruin our country. Sigh.
Thanks for nothing, Bart.
Think spring.
This morning we worked on a greenhouse made out of old windows we salvaged from an old house in the neighborhood. Can’t wait to share it with you!
Don’t forget! Wednesday Monsieur Linky will be back for “The Collective Collectors;,” your day to share one of your Collections!


  1. Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too

    love it…..refreshing, and it works for YOUR family…which is what R homes are all about.

    I really hope U keep your color palette for now…I see so many reverting to all whites and neutrals and your home is so refreshing and unique.

    Happy Sunday 🙂

  2. Anne Marie



    oh – sorry – dropped my jaw – AGAIN! with you – girl, i light my candle to you…………

    and c-span online is how I’m catching up on this FIASCO!

    how hard would it be to actually speak strongly? and with truth?

  3. Rebecca

    Came over from NaDa Farm and love your blog. Your room looks fabulous!
    Pretty much love everything French myself, so love your decor!

  4. cityfarmer

    greenhouse, what greenhouse … that’s my line

  5. Ann at eightacresofeden

    Just gorgeous! We are literally raising the ceiling in our formal living room at the moment and I cannot wait for it all to be finished to actually redecorate. Our room has rosewood timber paneling and French doors so it needs a classic decor (no modern leather couches with chrome legs!) I tendered on a chaise lounge last weekend and missed out by not that much. Now I’ve seen your rooms I’m even more annoyed with myself for not putting in a higher offer!

  6. Selina

    Totally gorgous!!! Both rooms look amazing, you have lovely furniture. And its all so tidy!!
    Great job, thanks for sharing with us,

  7. DustyLu

    I love your blog and glad i found it! I am now a follower and I am off to catch up on all your inspiratins. Your home is stunning! ~lulu

  8. Jacqueline

    Your home is absolutely beautiful. You have managed to combine style and elegance with homeliness. Gorgeous. XXXX

  9. Bonjour Madame

    It looks really really good! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the two rooms switched like this. I am so into breathing room now in my house that this makes so much sense. I like space and it’s sometimes hard to get in an older house. There are so many beautiful things. The tattered lamp shades are a favorite and I really like your mirror collection!

  10. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    So pretty-ful! You’re such a talented decorator!

    I cannot speak…yesterdays defiling of the national conscience was appalling, to say the least. The corruption leaves me breathless. We will reap what we sow, and it’s too bad the whole nation must pay for the sins of those who supposedly “represent” us. They clearly only represent the interests of the President, end of story.

    The race was okay, though. We kind of watched/listened while we worked at Mark’s house. I hope to have a story to post about that, soon.

  11. Terri Smith

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your beautiful home! How wonderfully creative you are with the use of mirrors. I’m so glad I popped over. These photos made my day!

    Blessings, Joy and Monday Sunshine,

  12. kathi @ traybella

    just so beautiful. love your blog and your switch-a-roo.

  13. from my front porch...

    Love the new color-Toasted Almond.
    It makes for a beautiful background!
    Congrats on the new life 🙂
    You have a beautiful family!
    xo, misha

  14. Jenny

    With Sepia let’s see….Am I looking at a lovely Parisian salon or are my eyes deceiving me? So very elegant and comfy at the same time…I aspire to do the same and somehow end up with just the comfy…oh well. I will deal with it for now and daydream while taking in your pictures.

  15. Jenny

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Marydon Ford

    G’eve … your home is elegant & welcoming. I love the beauty you have captured.

    Happy spring!
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN~ Hugs, Marydon

  17. Joy

    As always, everything is beautiful and inspiring. Love the sepia. Couldn’t agree more on the Capital Hill thing… so sad. Good-bye freedoms..

  18. Room to Inspire

    Wow, you home is simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


  19. myletterstoemily

    well, i am not one bit surprised that
    your house is so lovely.

    my favorite of all the gorgeous
    photos is the urn/end table
    topped by a beautiful book,
    yummy statue and enchanting
    lamp. incredible.

    so funny about the naming of rooms.
    we built 15 years ago. recently, i
    asked our youngest to fetch something
    from the living room. she said it wasn’t
    there but she found it in the family

    “honey, that isn’t the family room,
    that is the living room. . . “

  20. Vintage Sassy

    Beautiful, like mother, like daughter! Would you also show some of the photos in color as I love your older photos with the pops of blues and your beautiful curtains. I switch my two rooms all the time, it’s fun and it feels like you get a whole new house.


  21. French Kissed

    You idea to switch these rooms was brilliant. I love the new layout and it all seems to flow so beautifully. Oh, and that corner…I don’t think you could get me out of it! Enjoy your new space. ~jermaine~

  22. French Kissed

    You idea to switch these rooms was brilliant. I love the new layout and it all seems to flow so beautifully. Oh, and that corner…I don’t think you could get me out of it! Enjoy your new space. ~jermaine~

  23. Morning T

    I am new to your blog and I love it! Your living room is just fabulous. I’m off to check out more.
    Happy Thursday, Happy Spring~

  24. Berlin Deluxxe

    Your house is marvelous and I love the antique look of sepia in your pics (so fitting!) but I am going to be greedy and ask you to sometime share these pics in color 🙂


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