Right before LeeLee was born, my darling hero husband spent 240 hours making a dream bedroom for me out of our two room, non-practical master.
At the same time we bought an equally dreamy king size bed that we had saved all year for. Life changing.
However, since that time (a good 15 months) my beautiful bed has been sans skirt. And toys, dust bunnies and lost bras have been visible to anyone who walked by; most irritatingly they have been visible to me! The legs of the bed frame and the collection in the aforementioned list drove me crazy on a constant basis.
I like to make my own curtains, pillows, etcetera and I had made the gorgeous satin bed skirt that was on our queen. There just has not been the money to find the perfect satin to re-create that look for the big bed but I could not take one more day of seeing under my bed every time I walked into the room!
Out thriftin’ with Mom a few weeks back I scoured the racks of all three stores we went to for anything that resembled one of the many shades of teal that can be found a ma chambre. Finally at the last HOLE we went to (ya know, the ones that have that funky, Salvation Army smell to them) I found a king size, cotton sheet in the perfect shade. It was almost identical to my ceiling! For $2.20.
No, wait, it gets better. It was 1/2 off. I had found my temporary bed skirt material for $1.10. If you are more of a visual person I tried to scribble down the directions too. You could double click on the photo or save it to your desk top and print it if this project inspires you. I hope things are not lost in translation from my brain to the keyboard.
Here goes:

Can you spot the Dust Bunnies???
I started with an old queen size sheet that we no longer needed. This would serve as the material to lay in between the mattress and the box spring.
1. I measured around the two sides of my king size and then end of it. I was really slappin’ this thing together so I was not concerned about it being exact. But I came up with about 263 inches when I added all three sides together. This number when doubled was the length that my material for my skirt would need to be.
2. I then measure the distance from in between the mattress and the bed skirt to the floor and I added a couple inches because I wanted my skirt to be a little sloppy. I came up without about 17 inches. This is how wide I made my strips..stay with me here.
3. I spread my teal sheet out and made indications with chalk according to the measurements I mentioned above. In other words, I marked off 5 lines to guide me as I cut me sheet into 5 strips of material that were 17 inches wide. I then starched and iron each strip.
4. In comes the tedious pinning. I attached each strip of material to the next with pins and stitched them together making a very long runner.

A photo of the stitching attaching the strips together. I could have done a nicer job with cleaner edges but who is going to see this?
5. Next with my handy giant can of starch (I really need to start making my own) I double folded along one edge and pinned the material in place. This is where I did a nicer job since I am not the best straight stitcher and I wanted this to look nice as it would be seen against my floors. (I made my folds about a 1/2 inch each and I hat allotted for this when I measure the length I wanted my skirt to be from the mattress line to the floor.)

Quite possibly my straightest stitch ever!
6. Then I stitched my giant straight line, removing the pins as I went.

A peak, I am holding up the Bedskirt here for you to see how it is attached to the queen size sheet and placed in between the mattress and the box frame.
7. Almost done. With right sides together I pinned the ragged edge of my long strip to the edge of my queen size sheet. I did not have the exact amount of fabric to truly double the 263 inches as mentioned above but about every five or six inches I folded the material back on itself about an inch or so thus giving a series of giant pleats to my project. For lots of lovely pleats, I should have at least doubled the 263 inches.
8. After everything was pinned (and amazingly I had just enough material) I sewed it together. Just curving my material around the corners of the support sheet.
Et VOILA! A $1.10 bed skirt!!! (I already had the thread in house.)
There is no excuse to not be surrounded my loveliness these days besides as Berlin Deluxxe says, “time and money” but if you can find a little time, and hold out until just the right bargain you can at the very least, hide your dust bunnies!!!
I will someday have my flouncy, ultra Marie Antoinette bedskirt like my old one but for now I am very pleased!
If you are, intrigued and thinking, “Hey, I want to see the rest of that bedroom!” Stay tuned to learn how I decorated a 324 square foot bedroom with less than $300 spent on furniture!!!
A bientot!

And here is a little teaser for the upcoming post on the entire room . Can you stand it?