This room is the simplest room in our home. The walls are sparce, it’s lacking any collections (except shoes), it’s clean and soothing and right now it is my most favorite room in the house. What a dream come true to decorate a room for my little girl. In the spirit of my Design on a Centime posts I am thrilled to share the sources and stories behind the details of this room that bring my eyes so much pleasure…enjoy!

This simple “doudou” was a gift from a good friend and the inspiration for Amélie’s bedroom. I have NEVER been much of a purple person, I don’t hardly have any clothing in purple and I have never used it in my home. I began to warm to the color years ago upon visiting the Chelsea Antique Barn in Door County – for those of you who have been there, do you know that room in the back with the cottagey ceiling and all the lavender sachés and laundry detergents? Well, I fell in love with that room and thought that someday a lavender colored room might not be so bad after all. When Amélie got this blankie, I new purple was going to be her color!
(DouDou is French baby talk for blankie – I think the literal translation would be “soft soft.”)

Upon great occasion Joel brings home goodies from the job. Two years ago he brought home three sets of wood trim knowing that I have always loved the look of french Boiserie or paneling. Since re-doing our room the three sets have been rotting on our garage. My room was too big for only three sets. Finally they are caulked and painted and have a home and they sure help with the French style of the room.

This was Aidan’s crib. We found it at a local antique mall and don’t hate me but it’s over 100 years old. We had it stripped and I had painted it blue for Aidan and now it’s a lovely shade of Rustoleum raspberry. The kids sleep in our bed ’til they are older and when they transition to the crib I use the large bumper pads that I made so they can’t fall out. For some reason old cribs have very low rails. Don’t worry, there is not nor has there every been chance of a limb or head getting stuck.

Detail of a horrible 70’s hutch that I remade, once for a store in Chicago and them again for this room. For the store I had done it in cream and gray blue – very Swedish Country but after it didn’t sell I got it back and added a light coat of the lavender wall color to all the blue areas, hit it with some purple stain and added gold rub-n-buff to the hardware and edges. O0h la la! Could there be a cuter way to enjoy all her little outfits besides on her?

The changing area is in the closet since the room is not very big. It’s very cozy. I am so glad I did it this way.

These FANTASIC curtains used to hang in our bedroom when we only had the one set of windows (my room to come!) they were $20 and I wish I had yards of this fabric. The tulle underneath is from JC Penneys and would you believe was called “Can Can.” ?? It was only $9
It has photographed a little more hot pink than raspberry but in person looks perfect underneath. If you enlarge the photo you will see the tie-backs are fleur-de-lis and found them at my favorite little junk store (now closed) for $3.
I painted them with the Rustoleum that I used for the bed.
The cornice was $5 at a garage sale years ago and Joel cut it down for me to fit her window. It’s painted the same color as the walls.

Italian patent leather – from Gramma, found at a local, very swankily located garage sale.

The One Year Birthday Dress. SO DARLING! How could I put it away? I mounted this vintage brass hook to the door et voila! I can enjoy it every day.

I have a serious chandelier collection. Most of which I have paid little to nothing for. Amélie’s was part of a barter with a friend. She had a store full of wonderful things. I painted her kitchen cabinets and she let me choose a pile of stuff from the store. It was really my biggest score EVER! Things I would have never have been able to afford. This was already painted a lame shade of pink and was missing quite a few crystals. I used another Rustoleum shade and painted the medallion to match!

The drapes are a fine example of how my frugalness can get me into trouble. My mom had these antique vintage velvet drapes for YEARS in her store – price: $80. I wanted them SO BAD but had NO REASON to buy them. Yet they called to me every time I saw them! When Mom closed up shop I gave in, “OK, where are the raspberry drapes?” She told them she sold them to Kerry (the same girl who I bartered with). She, being in the city had them priced $500 and had a designer measuring for them when I swooped in to make my barter selections. I threw them on my barter pile so fast even though taking a $500 chunk off my barter total was painful I decided it would not be as painful as parting with them forever!
Joel and I somehow managed to make a frame and screw them into the ceiling. WHAT A PAIN! But who cares. Their mine. Na, na, na,na,na, na!

For my birthday Mom usually give me a big basked full of gathered goodies. These glass tie-backs were in one of those baskets over ten years ago.

This to die for etching was also part of the barter. The glass was missing (and still is) so it was only $25. More than I would ever pay but again, with the barter I was feeling carefree. It is such a beautiful detailed picture and had become one of my favorite things.


This French print was for the Princess from Gramma for Valentine’s Day. The matting is wonderful sun-faded purple silk.


This is not a knick-knack room (unlike every other room in our home) but I could not resist throwing pink stuff on top of her hutch. The trees are her birthday decorations (12/24) the doll was mine as a child, her pink Bible from her baby dedication is up there as are my hot pink cowboy boots I used to wear to the country bar where Joel and I fell in love on the dance floor. I KNEW there was a reason to keep those ugly things!

A peek into the changing area. The dress was my Mom’s one year birthday dress. The sconce and shades inside I found at a side street market in Paris. I bought them in the hopes of having a little girl someday.
The French Door was found in the basement of our home a couple weeks after moving in. Black with years of stain and sludge Joel worked his mo-jo! It strangely didn’t fit any door spaces in the house till he shaved it down a bit.

Move over Imedla. Most of these don’t even fit anymore but how cute is this display???
The wall color is “Debonair” by Pittsburg Paints
The raspberry colored spray paint is “Berry Pink” by Rustoleum found at Home Depot.
The light pink spray paint is, I think called “Rose” also by Rustoleum.
Merci for the visit!