style="text-align: center;">On Mother’s Day we had the honor of Juliette’s Dedication.
An opportunity for the parents and sometimes entire families to commit to raising their child in the fear and admonition of the LORD.  We committed to teaching Juliette God’s Word, leading my example and love, preparing her for the day where she can make her own decision to follow God.
Baby dedication is really just more of a tradition but it’s something that is important to Joel and I, especially since we feel our families are very much involved in the spiritual upbringing of our children.
The other two children were dedicated on Mother’s Day a few years ago and I can not think of a more fitting time to make a public statement like we did.  My brother and his wife surprised us by driving in from out of state… and we enjoyed an afternoon in the warm sun.
I hope you were honored on Mother’s Day… I know it’s not a wonderful day for everyone.  Being a mother is painful… I cry everyday watching my children grow… praying for their safety and spiritual well-being… I know Mother’s who have lost, and those who long to be Mothers… I hope you found comfort from our Savior.
Have a wonderful week…
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