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On Mother’s Day we had the honor of Juliette’s Dedication.
An opportunity for the parents and sometimes entire families to commit to raising their child in the fear and admonition of the LORD.  We committed to teaching Juliette God’s Word, leading my example and love, preparing her for the day where she can make her own decision to follow God.
Baby dedication is really just more of a tradition but it’s something that is important to Joel and I, especially since we feel our families are very much involved in the spiritual upbringing of our children.
The other two children were dedicated on Mother’s Day a few years ago and I can not think of a more fitting time to make a public statement like we did.  My brother and his wife surprised us by driving in from out of state… and we enjoyed an afternoon in the warm sun.
I hope you were honored on Mother’s Day… I know it’s not a wonderful day for everyone.  Being a mother is painful… I cry everyday watching my children grow… praying for their safety and spiritual well-being… I know Mother’s who have lost, and those who long to be Mothers… I hope you found comfort from our Savior.
Have a wonderful week…
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  1. myletterstoemily

    i pray all the sweetest blessing from the
    Lord on each of your angels. may He always
    cover them under the shadow of His wings.

  2. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    We do baby dedications, too! I love your photo collage and congratulations on your special day, and your special family! You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Ang!

  3. BonjourRomance

    How lucky your children are to have parents that want to teach their children about the Lord! The greatest gift you can give them. I’m positive you had a marvelous Mother’s Day!

  4. Stephanie

    She is so adorable and so lucky to be born into a family like yours. Also, may I just say, your hair looks marvelous.

  5. Renata

    A dedication is such a precious time & I think mothers day is the perfect day for it!!
    Your little Juliette is growing up so quickly – what a precious blessing she is!
    Have a lovely day

  6. cityfarmer

    what an honor to be there with you … AND to be YOUR mom …

    your children thrill us …

    mom n don

  7. Cottage Remnant

    What an awesome statement…. I think that’s all I can say…. :0) awesome statement of love for your children, an awesome love with your husband, and an awesome love and adoration for your Heavenly Father….♥

    Well that’s what I heard in your post anyway…. :0)

    Be blesssed

  8. Corinne.

    Très belle famille avec de rès beaux enfants !!
    Très joli moment de tendresse

  9. Faith

    Beautiful Pictures!! I miss you guys!!


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