Death by Salsa???? How to can salsa?

Nov 12, 2008 | Uncategorized | 2 comments


Ok, this morning Big Daddy and I made a huge vat of salsa to can, our own recipe that we usually make on an as needed basis but I wanted to use up the Cilantro that was still alive in the garden.  Now, I hate tomatoes, especially fresh ones (I know, how un-French of me) so we don’t use our garden tomatoes to make our salsa instead I buy canned, peeled tomatoes, we also don’t use our own chilis.  We use a small chili called a “Sport Pepper” – .  I hopped on the internet to check for processing times and now I am all freaked out that we are going to get some deadly fungus from not following a specific recipe.  Every website said, “Do not alter this recipe…do not alter the amount of chili’s listed here, etc…”
So,  Cindy, Homemaker Ang, Bedlem, my question is this, are we at risk of this bacteria if we are using pre-canned (IE Storebought) tomatoes and chilis.  They were not fresh.  The only thing “fresh” are the onions and the Cilantro.  I am ready to boil the salsa and can it in a boiling water canner but I am too scared to proceed.  


  1. Homemaker Ang

    i think you are fine but check out the 1800 number under my deer and apples post and those ladies will be glad to help!


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