Dear (Sweet Baby) Jesus,

Nov 12, 2006 | Full Time Family | 3 comments

Today is race day. And our hero, our son of a legend, is running third in this years championship.
As you know in our house the Sunday afternoon race is serious family time. Please (Sweet Baby) Jesus, we just don’t think we could stand it if Jimmy Johnson wins today’s race. Please give Junior’s crew chief wisdom and protect Junior from stupid moves by other drivers. Please help Junior get a top three or better finish today and help him win the championship so we can fly our flag, jump around with happiness and hold our head high at the next family gathering.


  1. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Junior came in 9th today, (for those family members that we out of town)
    He is 5th now in the standings and there is one race left next week in Homestead.

  2. cityfarmer

    gol’ darn it he is SO cute!!!!!!!!

  3. cityfarmer

    Drive it like you stole it!


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