Dear President Chirac

Nov 8, 2005 | From France to the Farm | 2 comments

Monsieur President,
It is with respect and a great deal of passion that I am writing to you this evening. It is on behalf of myself, my children, my francophile friends and family and on behalf of the people that you lead.
I implore you President Chirac to take a stand and do something concerning the riots and out of control behavior by select citizens and residents of your country.
You see sir, what we all admire about the French is their insistance that “their ways” are the best and only ways. You have set a certain standard in manners, language skills, ettiquette, family, food, child rearing, leisure, ceremony and la vie quiotidienne that so many of us admire but I am afraid sir that you are at risk of loosing all these things if you continue to lay down and have your culture stolen from you.
Reports show that the average Frenchman will be the minority as soon as the year 2050 being replaced instead by a culture from the East that hold dear none of the joys of life that you do. Looking even further down the road if said culture were to take over your rolling grape vines would wither and die, your fashion shows would be a thing of past…the catwalk being replaced as women are made to walk 10 feet behind men. Notre Dame would not ring its lovely bells, there would be no celebration of Paque and Noel and you can give the Lido and the Moulin Rouge a big fat French Kiss goodbye!!!
What will you do when your capital (the number one tourism destination in the world) starts to suffer due to lack our tourism? Those of us who rely on the Metro to make our ways into the inner quatiers are already discussing how we will not make our next trip to France until you do something about this. When, Mr. President was the last time you took the Metro thru the 18th?
Please, please, please encourage your true citizens to have more children. Please, please close your borders. Please, please do not give into the demands of these people. Your minister was correct in calling them, “scum.” Give your police the orders that they may fire back! Take a stand Mr. President. For the sake of your country today and the France of the future. Do not be afraid. The rest of the non-scum world is behind you! Merci pour votre attention!
Vive la France!


  1. julee

    See, I knew you knew why this was happening. I had no idea and it makes me sad. Send your letter.

  2. cityfarmer



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