Unreal. Unreal is how much I love my garden. Unreal is how much I got done during P.R.’s nap this morning. Unreal is the weather report.
This morning was PERFECT gardening weather…let me start by saying I DO have more things in my life than my gardens but…weather permitting they are what I am in the mood to write about lately. Back to this morning, the weather was permitting. It was permitting me to work ever-so-gently- on my tan and it was permitting me to divide and conquer a Hosta that every year grows to about 5 feet in diameter. I call it my dinosaur food. I cut it up into four large pieces and placed them at the edge of my flagstone terrace, along with a few small hosta with the verigated leaves that I found over where we are going to put in the sandbox…all these next to lovely lime green hosta that I trasplanted to the same terrace location last year. They will be exposed to full western sun so I will have to make sure they don’t get heat stroke come mid-July.
Every year I am shocked at how big everything grows and how much I have. Last spring I divided a ton of “yellow buttons” (I don’t really know what they are called) and planted them along with some orange Poppies along my path. I planted lavender there too. The idea was, yellow and orange in the spring, purple in the summer. I have hundreds and hundreds of little multi-pettled yellow flowers…all from two plants I bought home to our old house from Grams farm over 4 years ago. Hmmm, I could name them “Goldenus Gramma-is.”
All that to say, this is what I was enjoying this morning. Reveling in the Master Gardener. How much I am loved by Him, how many gardens are going to be in Heaven, how blessed I am to have this hobby that I love so much. The skies began to cloud up and the phone rang.

“Can you move a few things around in the garage so we can park both vehicles in there? The guy here says it’s supposed to hail.”

HAIL? Not now!!! WHY GOD WHY??? Sure enough I checked the internet and TWO INCH hail is a possibility. SAVE THE SNOW IN SUMMER! I did that by moving a bench over it – after I ran around collecting all the cushions – strong winds expected too.

Unreal. The poppies are ready to burst, the Snow in Summer just started to bloom the other day, the Goldenus Gramma-is’s are in their glory, and I JUST PLANTED BY POTAGER!!! Look at my darling little lettuce trying to make it’s way into the world!!

The storm watch is until tonight. So about the time that I am screaming “Kick their ass Sydney!” at the television it will all be over – the 1st big storm of the spring or all my worrying over my garden that has just begun to do it’s thing.

Babes and I ran outside in the sprinkles and took these photos, (there are even raindrops on the lense) just in case our garden takes a beating. Pray with us! 🙂