Dear Lord, Please don’t let it Hail!

May 17, 2006 | Gardening | 2 comments

Unreal. Unreal is how much I love my garden. Unreal is how much I got done during P.R.’s nap this morning. Unreal is the weather report.
This morning was PERFECT gardening weather…let me start by saying I DO have more things in my life than my gardens but…weather permitting they are what I am in the mood to write about lately. Back to this morning, the weather was permitting. It was permitting me to work ever-so-gently- on my tan and it was permitting me to divide and conquer a Hosta that every year grows to about 5 feet in diameter. I call it my dinosaur food. I cut it up into four large pieces and placed them at the edge of my flagstone terrace, along with a few small hosta with the verigated leaves that I found over where we are going to put in the sandbox…all these next to lovely lime green hosta that I trasplanted to the same terrace location last year. They will be exposed to full western sun so I will have to make sure they don’t get heat stroke come mid-July.
Every year I am shocked at how big everything grows and how much I have. Last spring I divided a ton of “yellow buttons” (I don’t really know what they are called) and planted them along with some orange Poppies along my path. I planted lavender there too. The idea was, yellow and orange in the spring, purple in the summer. I have hundreds and hundreds of little multi-pettled yellow flowers…all from two plants I bought home to our old house from Grams farm over 4 years ago. Hmmm, I could name them “Goldenus Gramma-is.”
All that to say, this is what I was enjoying this morning. Reveling in the Master Gardener. How much I am loved by Him, how many gardens are going to be in Heaven, how blessed I am to have this hobby that I love so much. The skies began to cloud up and the phone rang.

“Can you move a few things around in the garage so we can park both vehicles in there? The guy here says it’s supposed to hail.”

HAIL? Not now!!! WHY GOD WHY??? Sure enough I checked the internet and TWO INCH hail is a possibility. SAVE THE SNOW IN SUMMER! I did that by moving a bench over it – after I ran around collecting all the cushions – strong winds expected too.

Unreal. The poppies are ready to burst, the Snow in Summer just started to bloom the other day, the Goldenus Gramma-is’s are in their glory, and I JUST PLANTED BY POTAGER!!! Look at my darling little lettuce trying to make it’s way into the world!!

The storm watch is until tonight. So about the time that I am screaming “Kick their ass Sydney!” at the television it will all be over – the 1st big storm of the spring or all my worrying over my garden that has just begun to do it’s thing.

Babes and I ran outside in the sprinkles and took these photos, (there are even raindrops on the lense) just in case our garden takes a beating. Pray with us! 🙂


  1. Gramiamplusone

    Thank you for bloggin about you sweet little garden. Since my flower beds are taking a real beating with roofers and canvass and shingles, at least I can enjoy yours . The pictures are great. Did you get any hail at all??

    I have been feeling really dump y for two daysnow and just realized it is from the medicine I was taking for my sore leg. So I quit that and should feel better by tomorrow.

    Rain came in our upstairs in bathouse and everything kinda got wet. Another problem to fix. But it will finally get alldone. I’m heading for the couch again so will see you next time. Keep bloggin


  2. Amanda

    Thanks for the updated blog, I feel lost without an update from you. I wish I could come and see your garden sometime, I love it….looks WONDERFUL! There is nothing wrong with being obsessed with your garden! It’s amazing and so are you.


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