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I tell you what, I see these stories on the news about the government telling parents what to do with their children…
I read this story about a judge ORDERING a mother to send her daughter to public school cause the ex-husband didn’t like that the Mom was teaching her about God in their homeschooling curriculum.
God in homeschooling.
How are these stories? How is this on the news when other stories so much more worthy of our time and attention?
It’s a mother’s right to homeschool her children and for sure it’s her right to teach them about God while she does it.
I am following another story of a Canadian judge ORDERING a family to remove their son’s breathing tube. In other words, kill your own son and don’t do what’s necessary to keep him with you and your family.
Is parenting no longer sacred?
Stories of legislating forced HPV vaccinations for girls…
This is just ridiculous.
The government…
Did they carry our children?
Did they birth them?
Are they on their knees before God seeking wisdom for their little lives?
I think not.
“SHT.  SHT.”
That’s the sound of me at my front door loading my shotgun…
because that will be the day!