That Will be the Day (My Thoughts On School and Government)

Feb 23, 2011 | Uncategorized | 29 comments

I tell you what, I see these stories on the news about the government telling parents what to do with their children…
I read this story about a judge ORDERING a mother to send her daughter to public school cause the ex-husband didn’t like that the Mom was teaching her about God in their homeschooling curriculum.
God in homeschooling.
How are these stories? How is this on the news when other stories so much more worthy of our time and attention?
It’s a mother’s right to homeschool her children and for sure it’s her right to teach them about God while she does it.
I am following another story of a Canadian judge ORDERING a family to remove their son’s breathing tube. In other words, kill your own son and don’t do what’s necessary to keep him with you and your family.
Is parenting no longer sacred?
Stories of legislating forced HPV vaccinations for girls…
This is just ridiculous.
The government…
Did they carry our children?
Did they birth them?
Are they on their knees before God seeking wisdom for their little lives?
I think not.
“SHT.  SHT.”
That’s the sound of me at my front door loading my shotgun…
because that will be the day!


  1. Carissa

    AMEN! I’ve got my revolver loaded and ready!

  2. Priscilla

    …and now Obama and Holder have just announced that they won’t defend the Defense of Marriage Act. They seem to be willing to do anything to destroy our nation and our families.
    Just be sure you have plenty of amo.
    Praying for the safety of you and beautiful your family.

  3. Mandy

    amen. i just read that story & then came to your blog! praying for the rapture…

  4. Sherri B.

    AMEN from me too!!!! I just saw the dear Canadian father on Fox yesterday and it broke my heart…We must stand strong against anything like this in our country.

    Thanks for bringing this up.

  5. Jen

    I totally agree with you!

  6. Pam

    It’s completely ridiculous! Even things like making vaccinations mandatory highly bothers me. It’s like you said – did they carry our children? Are they seeking God about their welfare? What is this nation coming to?

  7. Valerie

    amen! enough said!

  8. Sarah

    I live in indiana where our democrats from the statehouse fled to illinois yesterday because they were about to lose a vote on right to work and school reform. How childish is that? Im so happy i pay taxes to hire these idiots to barricade themselves in some best western and waste time and resources. makes me want to scream. cowards.

  9. Amy @ Homestead Revival

    My soul is sick with grief! Surely the Lord watches and will repay.

    Praying for mercy!

  10. à la parisienne

    I pray regularly that the Lord will grant us mercy and prevent the government from making homeschooling “illegal.” With every fiber of my being, I want to be the one who feeds my daughter the truth about our country’s history, Creation, morals, purity…I worked in the public school system for five years, and while there are still some good things and good people working in the public schools, I still would never want my daughter to spend 8 hours of her day around the filth kids are sharing and the lies public schools are forced to feed our children.


  11. Preslea

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Tamra

    24 years ago my husband & I chose to have our children at home, not to vacinate and one by one pulled out girls out of public school to home school because we got sick of the focus on funding and politics instead of education. Yes, we were rebels. I too used to get so angry at the politicians, the doctors who think they are God, the people with their tunnel vision opinions until one day I realized where the real problem lies.

    With the people who make uneducated decisions, (i.e. no vaccines, home school, home birth etc without full investigation of what’s involved) and then when things go terribly wrong (as can happen in ANY situation) instead of taking responsiblity for their actions they hire a lawyer and sue whoever they can, the doctor, the school, the government or whoever they feel they can put the blame on to avoid responsibility.

    If people would just educate themselves and accept full responsiblity for the decisions they make things would be soooo different.

    You set a wonderful example for others so take a deep breath, let it go and just keep doing what you do so well.

    My thoughts are with you.

  13. Heather's Blog-o-rama

    Oh, I echo your comments!!! I don’t have kids. ..but most of my friends do, and I actually posted a link on my FB page about that precious little baby boy..and what’ happening there makes me very, very sad!!!

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather

  14. Renata

    This is the second blog that I’ve read about this happening – what is going on – don’t the government realise that they have their own children to raise, why try & mess up others when parents are doing a great job of parenting. Shouldn’t parents have rights over their children. I agree about the shotgun!
    I’m sure we have the same problem over here (probably not as publicised though)
    Have a great day

  15. Joannah

    What Mandy said, “praying for the rapture.” This world is coming apart at the seams. I can hardly wait for the church to be rescued and to live as we were meant to.

  16. Amanda

    I am like a mama grizzly and her cubs!

  17. Bohemian

    AMEN!!! It grieves many of us to see the direction the world is heading and what is trying to be forced upon Godly people who know this is not the way…

    Dawn… The Bohemian

  18. martha

    Please ladies, let us be salt and light until God, in His infinite wisdom decides it is time for judgement. Until then, let us stay on our knees Pleading for strength, and for the salvation of our enemies. This is what our Lord Himself did upon the cross.

  19. Genuine Lustre

    As the mother of five born-at-home, unvaccinated children ( at least till the Army intervened) – I say, Preach it, Sistah!

  20. Mrs. B.

    Ang! I am totally cracking up at your “SHT SHT.” Oh my gosh, can’t stop laughing. 🙂

    And I totally agree. They’ll have a lot of shotgun baring mama bears to contend with if they start messin’.

  21. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    Thanks for speaking up! I think it’s more and more of us that feel this way. This president is CLEARLY against this country and should be booted from office.

    YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE how many others were in line with me last week as I applied for my CPL permits…tons of us!

  22. Jenn @ Spejory

    Today has been a frightening day…I echo your sentiments and am so grateful that I live in a country where we are still allowed to decide how our children will be educated. I know God is in control and I plan to homeschool my kids for as long as He directs me to. Even if they take that right away, I can still teach them about Jesus. There is only so much they can take away.

  23. vintagegirl

    This makes me SO angry! Thanks for saying what a lot of people think or feel. There are too many doctors, judges, etc. playing god when the REAL god is being left out of the equation ~ what’s wrong with this picture? People have become brainwashed and this country is in real trouble and it’s going from bad to WORSE! IMPEACH OBAMA!


  24. bobbi

    The other day the Dept. of Aging showed up at my elderly mother’s door and tried to (literally!) push into her house! I was furious and she was nearly hysterical. Because they work for the government they think they have the right?…that they know best?…I am thinking…No.

  25. Poor Little Rich Girl

    It is out of control. Especially the HPV. I have three very young girls and there is no way they will get that shot. I beieve you need to be sexually active to even contract it, so why in the word would they require 13 year olds to get it. Maybe I am naive, but 13 pleeease! Stop telling me what to feed my kids, teach my kids and how to protect my kids! If they don’t like it then go to another country…stop ruining mine!

  26. Victoria

    Never, ever will government tell me what to do with baby girl (or any subsequent babies).. From pre-conception to the final days, it’s up to us. ‘Nuf said.

  27. mary

    Preach on, sister Ang! Clearly the government thinks it’s their responsibility to indoctrinate our children to be liberal kooks and it’s parents responsibility to blindly follow and pay the ever increasing taxes to make it possible for them to do such a poor job of it! And there are a lot of weak parents out there who don’t think independently. As a result they accept the governments’ premise that they know what is best for our children. Thank God for parents like you and Joel who are wise enough to teach their own children and to raise hard-working, intelligent, moral and productive adults!


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