Darn You Little Beret Wearing BRATS!!!

Feb 27, 2007 | Uncategorized | 7 comments

These things better be a tax write-off!
Girl Scout cookies are an area where I loose complete and utter self control and I send my “hydrogenated-oil-free-lifestyle” right out the window.
Someone tell me how a wafer-thin “Thin Mint” that doesn’t even weigh two grams can have two grams of fat in it??? It dissolves in your mouth for the love of Pete!! Does someone have a freezer I can store these things in?I had a few tonight and I already feel sick. Last year I literally made Joel hide them from me – I think I am gonna have to do it again and NEXT year I am going to hide in the attic when a darling, badge earning little brat comes to my door with a colorful order sheet taunting me with these horrible yet oh-so-wonderful Satanic delights!!!


  1. FarmgirlCyn

    Be strong, girl! You know the old proverb: Once on the lips, forever on the hips! Well, my hips don’t lie, and they are telling me to avoid these at all cost!!! And don’t let Joel hide them at your mom’s either!!!

  2. Amanda

    That is one of the funniest entries I’ve read. HOW FUNNY! I haven’t been asked to buy any this year, I don’t know how I escaped the offers. Just eat them, who cares…life is short! It’s not like you do it ALL THE TIME, and the more you tell yourself you CAN’T have them, the more you’ll want them. Everything in balance…..

  3. cityfarmer

    Some things have got to change around here!!!

  4. cityfarmer

    There are boxes full of these little mongrels in our freezer via tata…pleased to say I am not tempted…now tempted by Coach…that’s a whole different cookie

  5. paris parfait

    Thank goodness there are no Girl Scouts selling such cookies in Paris – I couldn’t resist.

  6. Pam S.

    Angela – did you know that the Girl Scouts of America donate to Planned Parenthood, who is in the business of killing children in the womb? I didn’t know that until earlier this year. I always bought Girl Scout cookies, since our neighbor’s 3 daughters sell them and she is actually a leader in two troops. The Girl Scouts actually get a very small percentage of the sales of cookies.


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